Vocation is your life purpose and the intention with which you incarnated. Everyone has a life plan, which it is implemented in this life. To find your purpose and to live your purpose, write down everything that makes your eyes sparkle.

Write down everything you can think of spontaneously.

Now you can explore what is the meaning of your life. What you've written down, is a picture that emerges of what makes you. In order to pass this on as an added value, you must have this sense of life. Provided your purpose with targets.

So what is the meaning of your life?

To grasp the meaning of life, you must begin to be healed:
- Healing is the acceptance of what you fear most.
- Healing is the opening of what has been locked.
- Healing is the softening what has hardened into a blockade.
- Healing is the acceptance of others, no matter how he / she is.
- Healing is learning to trust life.
- Healing is to know that I Am.

Healing can happen if You represent a different opinion than your subconscious mind produces. Every coin has two sides so you can also build up other settings / beliefs. There is always more than one truth.

You can always see everything negatively:
- "It doesn`t works anyway!"
- "Why should I have good fortune"
- "It's not for me"

Or you see it positively:
- "I can"
- "I am happy and deserve to be happy"
- "I can achieve anything."

Dare a paradigm shift:

- What is really relevant for a happy and fulfilling life?
- How can you increase your success in life?
- How do you win the highest level of quality of life?
- What decisions you need to make urgently?

Consider these responses and determine them more accurately and describe your answers.

Currently, we are encouraged massively to let go the things / relationships that no longer work. They should no longer be part of your life. Do not look back and hold on to things that need to go. Otherwise you cannot see the opportunities that lie ahead of you, because you only look backwards.

Which things are dissolving in your environment? Where do you need to take action?

Consider these responses determined to see later what has changed.

Open yourself, to be part of the process to find out who you really are and why you have incarnated at this time. We are all here to participate in the tasks that are important now!

Why are you reading this blog now in the time of great change?

1) What was your intention to be incarnated in this time?
2) What is your contribution in this life that enhances the quality of life for all?
3) What is the reason for what you do now (in all areas of life)
4) What do you want for those who come after you?
5) What inspires you?

Write hand-written responses to spontaneous and gather them into a booklet.

Author's Bio: 

As a success and business coach Angela knows very well that we live in a very powerful time when we enhance our knowledge and consciousness. She loves to support people and enhance their life!