Data Privacy has become one of the leading problems that persist today in the digital world. Since hackers find it one of the most convenient ways through which they can make easy money, they are always in search for your confidential information that you fill out while you are jumping from one site to another. And if you thought that all these big names who claim to make use of sophisticated software to protect your privacy and private information do that, then you might need to think again! It is not that they do not take any measures to protect your data, but it is that the measures taken are not enough to help them counter all the threats that prevail in the online world.
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Protection of a customer’s confidential data requires a company not only to invest huge amounts in procuring software but also requires them to go through other various problems as well. So, let’s walk through some of the problems and their possible solutions that could help the company in fending off the hackers from getting hand on any information:
Unable to comprehend who make use of what sensitive data
It is seen very often that most of the companies do not give a thought on who could make use of the sensitive data and for what purpose. What may be the point of hacking to the data of a patient’s history or why would someone steal the address of a customer’s apartment.
So, it is important for the company to classify the information and then take measures that may include building a utilization map of all the data. This will help them in classifying the data and remove all of those which are of no use now or have become obsolete.
Another thing that could be done is the building of data flow diagrams which should be vetted by every party involved. In this way, they will know better about the value of each data and the risk associated with it.
Comprehending the worth of each data
It is highly important for all the business managers to know what the most sensitive data for their organizations are. It is because when they know the value of each data, they will allocate their time and resources for each one of them in the same manner. Be it a company’s data or the data of its customers, it would be highly important to assign a level to each one of them and then focus on the ways to protect each.
The main aim to do that is to correlate the criteria that include compliance mandate, access frequency, application utilization, update cost which will help the company in arriving at value and ratio which will result in determining justifiable cost related to protection.
Outsourcing of all of the sensitive data handling
Most of the companies who you deal with have outsourced the sensitive data handling to other companies who are responsible legally to protect your data. Most of these contracts require the service providers to inspect the measures to protect data from time to time but little does this kind of inspection takes place in real.
A more sensible measure which can be taken is by making use of browser-based security assessment tool which will help in effectively reducing all of the mishandling of all of the confidential data of the company and customer likewise.
Retaining of all of the Sensitive Data
How often do we see in the “Privacy Policy” of the company which states that they are going to retain some of your data! Well, to a certain extent it does offer some value for the future sales and marketing decisions, but it adds a lot more to the problem about its protection. By holding on to the information of such kind, they are only inviting the problem to become bigger regarding data privacy.
What could be done to avoid is by launching a “Secure CDI” project which can be in control of marketing and security team simultaneously? This will help in reducing the leak of data before, during or after the integration process .

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