Maintaining your commitment to your positive thoughts and acts of influence presents many challenges and obstacles. You may experience some failures (though not permanent) in your journey. It is very difficult at times to hold steadfast to your commitment. Of course achieving anything worthwhile will always have some degree of difficulty. It is my belief and my experience that commitment is paramount to ultimately achieving your desired virtuous objectives. How do you constantly maintain your commitment? There are two main ingredients. Initially you must define what commitment means to you, and then you will be able to move forward.
What is your personal definition of commitment? You need to have a crystal clear concept of commitment means to you. I have several thought provoking questions that may assist you in defining your concept. Is it your pledge or promise to a noble cause? Can it be your dedication and devotion to your positive goals? Is it your loyalty to achieving your forward progress? Can it be your strength of purpose to your ultimate success? Your view of commitment should be closely related to the aforementioned or a combination thereof.
For illustrative purposes, a figurative great example of what commitment can be as illustrated by author and publisher Bennett Cerf. It is a story titled “The Chicken and the Pig Go to Breakfast”. The story is about a chicken and a pig participating in breakfast. The chicken was only involved in breakfast, because supplied the egg. The pig was totally committed to breakfast because it provided the bacon. For more details and information concerning this fable go to Wikipedia and reference “The Chicken and the Pig” fable. With the preceding being stated, are you being involved in your goals or are you completed devoted?
Your degree of belief (conviction) in your progressive thinking and noble actions of influence can greatly aid you in maintaining your commitment. The higher your belief level, the easier it is to maintain your commitment. The opposite is also true. The lower belief level, the more difficult it is to maintain your dedication. In other words “You gotta really believe”.
Your zeal (enthusiasm) is another key factor in helping you maintain your devotion. Constantly being excited about you achieving your goals, fuels the fire burning deep inside of you. It should make you feel good all over your body about your impending success. The higher your zest level the easier it is to maintain your devotion to your positive cause. The opposite is also true.
In summary maintaining your commitment can be extremely difficult. You need to define what it means to you, in order to proceed forward. Are you merely involved in your super endeavors? Or are you totally committed? Your belief and zeal levels can tremendously assist you in maintaining your strength of purpose. If you benefited from this article, pass it on to someone you care about, or share it with someone you know that can also benefit from it.

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