Actualizing your positive thoughts and actions of influence can be things of awesome beauty and wonder beyond description. The opposite can also be a reality. Negative thinking and repugnant actions are brutally ugly and always counter-productive. Let’s review some of the ramifications and consequences of unfavorable thinking and detrimental actions of guidance. I’ll also identify and describe four allies of negativity (there are countless of others, I chose the three I feel most passionate about).
Negative thoughts and malevolent actions of persuasion are destructive and have no other purpose but to inhibit personal growth and prosperity. Negativity breeds sickness, misery, anguish, gloom, dissent, and pessimism to name a few. It robs individuals of their integrity and dignity. Perverse thinking and antagonistic acts of authority are the causes of countless broken promises and aborted dreams. Nugatory thinking impedes one’s forward progress and self improvement. Negativity is the arch enemy of all things good and positive.
A key ally of negativity is apathy. Apathy is a person’s inability and or unwillingness to care about, empathize with, and sympathize with other humans or other earthly inhabitants that are in need of some form of help or assistance. Apathy can diminish one’s humanness almost to point where one’s existence becomes akin to a machine or some other inanimate object or thing. It perpetuates greed, misery, and despair.
Another ally is ignorance. Ignorance is basing one’s thinking and behavior on one’s beliefs that certain things are true without having all the knowledge and facts to validate one’s beliefs. It is also not caring or exerting the effort necessary to obtain or gather the proper information in order to validate their nefarious mindsets. Ignorance causes wars, envy, cynicism, fear, backwards thinking, and adverse behavior.
Last but definitely not least is self absorption being a close ally of negativity. I designate this all consuming mindset, as “the whole universe revolves around me and whatever I want, nothing else in life is more important than me”. It is the antithesis of being a team player and the epitome selfishness. Many people find this mindset and infantile behavior shallow, very immature, and repulsive. It is the main culprit for causing countless failed relationships. For the life of me I cannot extrapolate anything good or positive from self absorption.
In summary noble thinking and prominent acts of influence is the path to choose if one wants to continuously move forward and experience the true beauty life has to offer. Wayward thinking and incorrigible acts of influence can lead to a life filled with tragedy, disappointment, hopelessness, and ugliness. Avoid as much as humanly possible negativity, ignorance, apathy, and self absorption they will impede your forward progress. You have the choice believe it or not to cultivate either mindset; it has been your choice since your birth. If you feel you benefited from this article, pass it on to someone you care about, or share it with some you know that can also derive some positive meaning from it.

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Paul is also an experienced personal online marketing mentor and servant leader. Paul has devoted his life to helping one thousand individuals who are committed to taking control of their lives in every aspect by January 1st 2014. Paul Lucius Brooks is the founder and CEO of Entrepreneur Marketing 3.0.