Your positive thoughts and actions of influence do not have any limits, and you should always be striving to take them to a higher level. The process of continually striving for the next level will exponentially add tremendous purpose and noble meaning to your existence. Your positive thoughts and actions of influence establish a life style that countless others dream about, and that is a life filled with true happiness and fulfillment. How to you constantly get to the next level? Let’s review some courses of actions you should consistently take in attaining this goal.
Your selfish ambitions and desires, which we all have, should be constantly suppressed almost to a point of being nonexistent. You should not be so focused on your personal problems, issues and challenges. You need to focus your progressive thoughts and forward acts towards others, mainly your family, your friends, your community, and society as a whole. Once you refocus on the aforementioned, you will more able to resolve your personal challenges. You must practice these actions on a daily basis, and your noble thinking and acts should not be sporadic. You should not limit your virtuous mindset and behavior to your immediate family and friends. You should be constantly transcending the world of “me, myself, and I”.
Your positive mindset and behavior should be performed with sincerity, humility, and completeness. If you have ulterior self centered motives, your ascension to the next level will be impossible. You don’t need to let the world know how great you are, you already know how great you are. Being sincere in your virtuous mindset and efforts will motivate you to complete all of your endeavors’.
Giving your knowledge, understanding, wisdom, and good fortune to assist others is paramount to taking your generous deeds to the next level. Once you have established this pattern of behavior, it should become a second nature. Your actions will be reciprocated. Simply stated, you get what you give. Let’s take it a step further, give even if you don’t get any reciprocation, it still should make you feel awesome by the mere fact you are giving of yourself. You need to transform your virtuous servitude to an art form. You should derive a great feeling of enjoyment and personal accomplishment because of your magnanimous mindset and efforts of giving. Let me let in on a secret in the event you don’t already know it. The more you give noble value to someone else, the more noble value you give yourself. To get up close and personal by giving value, by sharing with you the wisdom, and knowledge contained in this article I’m adding value to my life.
You should constantly unleash your awesome power, unique talent, and energy. You need to come to the realization that you are very special, gifted and unique, and you can use your special and unique gift to aid others. The fact that you are reading this article should tell you that you are awesome and intent on doing the right thing. You need to also realize that you have an inexhaustible supply of energy and power that will last your lifetime and beyond.
Once you have enabled your progressive thoughts and actions of forward influence, life begins to unfold itself in a truly magnificent way. You will be able to deal with your personal challenges and issues in a more positive and constructive manner. You won’t be a willing victim or a prisoner of trivial, negative, and mediocre thinking and actions. You will be constantly evolving into a truly magnanimous person you were met to be. Your confident mindset will greatly assist you in achieving your goals. You must be willing to constantly learn and accept help from others who share your forward thinking and virtuous acts.
In summary you should always be striving to get to a higher level regarding your noble thinking and efforts. You should constantly suppress your selfish ambitions and motives. Performing your great thinking and efforts should be humble and sincere. Sharing your knowledge, wisdom, understanding, and good fortune is paramount in achieving the next level. You should believe you are an extraordinary person and capable of extraordinary acts. You should derive enormous enjoyment and great feeling of accomplishment when helping others. Finally your confident and noble mindset will greatly assist you in constantly achieving and ascending to the next level.

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Paul has devoted his life to helping one thousand individuals who are committed and ready to take control of their lives in every aspect by January 1st 2014. Paul is also an experienced personal online marketing mentor and servant leader. Paul Lucius Brooks is the founder and CEO of Entrepreneur Marketing 3.0 and proud single parent of two young sons.