“Age is such a high price to pay for maturity,” said Tom Stoppard, a Czech-born British journalist and playwright. Albert Einstein spoke of it as a space in which he lives, “that solitude which is painful in youth, but delicious in the years of maturity.”

Various resources define maturity as the state of being fully developed in the body or the mind. A Chinese proverb states that maturity consists of no longer being taken in by oneself.

Does maturity matter?

Maturity matters because it is a key part of the roadmap to success. With maturity comes wisdom and with wisdom prosperity. According to Feng Shui principles it is the Earth element, the grounding element that provides stability in your life and helps create a strong foundation for prosperity. Some of the signs of an earth persona are honesty, level-headedness, and a maturing individual. However it is the Metal element, the age tested and heat tempered element that provides strength bringing with it the maturity of adulthood.

Do you know what your Feng Shui element is and what group you belong to (east or west)? If not, go to http://energy-by-design.com/site/personal-success-calculator/ to use this free Personal Success Calculator link to find out. Be sure to read the instructions as certain numbers vary if you are a male or female. Note: it is the west group contains all of the metal elements.

How to use the metal element to enhance maturity, wisdom and prosperity

West Group - If your personal direction is part of the west group your challenge is to make sure the metal areas, the west and northwest parts of your home, office, desk and bedroom are clutter-free. Clutter in those areas can cause:

• Stagnant energy which slows down the flow of wisdom and the ability to make mature decisions
• Clutter to multiply creating cloudy thinking, lack of confidence and stagnant flow of income
• Roadblocks that prevent jobs, relationships and income from maturing.

After you have made these areas clutter-free, if you feel you are still blocked use some of the same energizers noted in the East Group below.

East Group - If your personal direction is in the east group you have double the challenge. The first step is the same as those in the west group – remove the clutter so energy can flow freely and open all the opportunities that are provided by the benefits of the metal element. Take that clutter and sort it, file it, organize, donate or get rid of it. Let nothing stand in your way. Then energize it by:

• Adding a metal element to the west area of your space such as something made out of metal, especially gold or the color of gold, a gold trophy or gold statue – even artwork that has a lot of gold such as a field of wheat ready to harvest or a forest of fall colors
• Using the metal silver in the northwest area and the same Feng Shui energizing step as noted above with the gold; place the color of silver or something made out of silver or a picture framed in silver.

Because maturity brings with it the wisdom that every day you’re alive is a gift, a gift you can choose to use to be productive and surround yourself with positive energy or choose to waste. Everything you think, say, feel and do matters. When you choose to be productive you will positively energize your day. When you choose to waste a day just remember, you are exchanging it for a day of your life.

Plan now to use all of your precious days ahead wisely to create positive energy in your world, which leads to maturity, wisdom and prosperity.

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Pat Heydlauff, a “flow of focus” expert, speaker and consultant designs home and workplace environments that unleash the flow of focus and maximize performance while creating balance and increasing prosperity. She is author of the forthcoming book, Engage, Unleash the Power of Focus and published books, Feng Shui, So Easy a Child Can Do It, The Way We Go, Your Roadmap to a Better Future and Selling Your Home with a Competitive Edge. Contact her at 561-799-3443 or www.energy-by-design.com.