Are you back where you started, or in a situation that reminds you of past failures? Financial insecurities scaring you? You must learn to love yourself through missteps and sabotaging moments. Use criticism constructively right now. Acknowledge what you may need to change in your life. Make up a new story. Spirit loves you deeply and will wait for you to figure it out and get it together.

It’s time to address how much effort you give to your relationship with your Higher Power. Do you take time to sit in prayer? Are you meditating and taking the time to communicate with your spirit guides? Recognize that your partnership with Spirit is your number one priority. There is also a deep spiritual bond between you and another person who is essential to your growth and evolution. Tend to your spiritual connections and remain aware of your true nature.

When you enter agreements, begin projects, and negotiate deals with Spirit as your partner, you will always succeed. Let your Higher Power lead. The synchronicity and intuitive signs you feel will help you see which way you are being pointed, giving you confidence as you move forward in the right direction. Don’t forget to Thank Spirit as you see the changes. You wouldn’t be a success without divine guidance.

All your hard work and efforts—your commitment to learning, creating, and spending your time wisely—pay off in ways you may not have been anticipating. The gifts of yourself—your time, your ideas, and the energy of your intentions—are being reciprocated by the universe, which is sending you signs and signals, aligning divine meetings and opportunities to bring you success and more. Everything is an exchange. Keep doing what you’re doing. Goodwill comes back tenfold.

Love is an exchange of life-force energy between two living beings. It grows exponentially when it’s reciprocated. You must give and receive in order for love to flourish and abundance to flow between you, nourishing you. Spirit wants you to start accepting all the blessings waiting for you, as well as offer the same gift in return. Open your heart and allow it to be filled! Let the magic in and let it flow out of you. Love is truly yours today.

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Spiritual Healer.