Does Internet only mean downloading information on various subjects for you? If yes, then it is time for you to think beyond that and use Internet for creating a difference in your career.

Regarding our today’s topic “nationally accredited virtual high school” No matter for what reason you have opted out from attending a traditional high school, but now with the help of Computer and Internet, you can acquire an online high school diploma from our Virtualhse, that too being at home at your convenience.

Our high school is a source of alternative education and is nationally accredited by NAPHS (National Association of Private & Home Schools) & NALSAS (National Association for the Legal Support of Alternative Schools) and is registered with the Florida Department of Education.

Is online learning the right option for you?
If you are still contemplating whether online learning is the right option for you or not, then let us share our experience as experts, in imparting online education with you. This will definitely help you to make an informed decision whether or not online learning is the correct option for you.

What kind of student gets the maximum benefit from online education?

• Our online learning program is a great help for those less fortunate students who due to illness/ disease/ medical reasons cannot attend school on a regular basis.
• It is also a good option for working students who cannot devote time to their studies during regular school hours.
• A VHSE is best suited for students who have to change their location frequently and it becomes cumbersome for them to change schools as many times they change their location. Often they end up taking a break in education to deal with this problem. Now they can blissfully carry on with their education online without changing schools.

We would also like to add that Students with a diploma certificate from an accredited high school like ours stand a fair chance to get enrolled in a college as much as a student from a regular school does.

Our teachers are ALL certified and experts in their respective field. We provide online education with the aid of audio/and or video clips as and when needed so that our students can grasp better and remember things for a longer time. We provide diploma certification trough online process and also assist you in preparations for GED. You can get tutorials for GED and other courses on our site at very affordable prices. Also, visit our website for more details on various kinds of online courses like credit or noncredit, with a group start or an asynchronous start.

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Dr. Chung has taken special efforts to see that the online courses available on the site Virtual High School of Excellence are beneficial for the students and they can make the best out of distance learning by availing this accredited online curriculum at an affordable price.