Hey My Divine Spirit, I am coming to you today with some love advice from the Divine Ones to see where we are in this circle of love for November. I see a lot of you are manifesting the outcomes you desire and things are coming together. Just breathe and take your time and know you are heading in the right direction. For those of you who may not be too sure what it is you want, it may be time to take a moment to reflect on yourself and your inner thoughts. Remember only you can design and manifest the relationships that are right for you. You have to decide whether you are going to win or lose at this game because you hold the cards.

Believe and you shall succeed but you must have a focus point. When your mind is constantly thinking and concentrating on the goal, nothing will stand in your way. Staying truthful to you and not allowing yourself to settle will bring you closer to your dreams. Allow yourself time to heal from past pain and obstacles that held you down. I know it can be difficult but keeping this negative energy within will only hurt your future decisions. Most of our decisions are based on our emotions and if we’re not thinking clearly, we can use poor judgement.

Break out of old habits so you are able to grow and progress in your relationships. Results doesn’t always come overnight, sometimes we have to exercise a little patience to get the results we are looking for. You are not alone in this journey. You have a support system ready to assist you above and below, but you must ask. A close mouth doesn’t get fed, so speak up. If you’re looking for clarification on a situation, don’t be afraid to seek the truth. Once you receive the information you’re looking for, take it for what it is. Don’t try to make it something it’s not just so that it’s more comfortable for you.

Daydreaming is good for creativity, but at some point you have to take action and make a decision on what it is you are trying to do. Sometimes in order to receive the love we desire, we have to be willing to move on and move toward something more fulfilling. Face your darkest fears so that they no longer hold you back from the life you were meant to live. Trust that Spirit has your back and will always have your best interest at heart. Open up to new possibilities. Open up to how you really feel about the situation at hand.

This month try to focus on opening your throat chakra for communication, your heart chakra to understand the root of your feelings, and your crown chakra to access to a higher state of consciousness.

Author's Bio: 

I am a spiritual intercessor, writer ,and alchemist who communicates with spirit guides to help assist you in your spiritual journey. I provide messages sent to me by the ancestors and angels who watch over you in your everyday life. They have a divine message for you and I am here to make sure you receive that message and live your best life through Spirit.