I love the idea that Thanksgiving is less a day to ditch the diet but more a word of profound and powerful action. After all, the full feeling that this day promises should come more from the heart before anything’s actually carried out of the kitchen. Let your thankful heart be alive and conscious of all of your blessings and treasures this month. I’m fairly certain too, that not least among that (long?) list will be the fact that November itself will contribute to all sorts of creamy grateful gratitude. Yes, I said it. At last! Welcome November and all your immediate energies of progress! I know, I know, hard to believe since we seem to have been stymied by stagnation for so very long. No mas. Reinvention is your reality and will be mine too. It belongs to all of us now as the world rapidly renews, rebirths, reawakens. The mists of Avalon stay surrounding that Isle but all others begin to lift and the magic is everywhere. Confusion be damned. We see things now more clearly than we have in months. And that’s with or without the swag rose colored shades. So many of us around the globe intoning, “I can see clearly now, the reign has gone.” NOW is the time to pick up the pieces. Of everything. Address broken relationships and stalled projects with a renewed and invigorated sense of commitment and intent. It’s time to begin anew even if it is the end of the year. Because, truly, reinvention IS this year’s best revenge. So take that you crap summer and buh bye shite start to fall, idealism has returned to the fold just in time to pinky swear on the wishbone. So what are you going to take action on? What do you wish? Because, well, NOW would be that time too. See, I told you that there would be tons to be grateful for this month. A veritable feast. Hope you bought your appetite. To November that is.

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Now, a little about the 11/11/11 phenomena. Of course, by the time this date occurs, the asteroid Elevenin, um, I mean, Elenin, will have passed frighteningly close to the earth (if, indeed, it does so on the expected 11/8 date.) Prophets are also said to be showing up on this day as well, that information according to the Bible’s Book of Revelations 13. Here’s what I can predict. Many metaphysical and esoteric traditions say that the number 11 is considered a Master Number indicating a special potential to access higher spiritual and cosmic planes while also having the ability to transform and reward too! So what does that mean for you? On this specific day you will have an ability to project your intentions mentally and then watch and wait to see them turn into reality! You can use your mind power to actualize what you want in your life as not only is the mind a terrible thing to waste, but, on November 11 in will be an uber powerful tool of transformation! May the elevens AND the force be with you.

And what of the force that has been propelling the stock market and the metals and, for the most part, crude oil lately as well? Well, you can’t say I didn’t tell you so. In the last newsletter in fact! I called October 7 as a short-term low and told you to buy, buy, buy. And what of that grand Jupiterian cycle that has helped to lift prices after a wild and wooly roller coaster ride that saw both new highs and new lows during the summer and early Autumn leg of logistics? Well, well, um, well….here’s the thing. The market SHOULD continue to rise with the start of that new bull movement beginning on October 7 which SHOULD then commence and culminate on March 7, 2012. That’s when this bull cycle – the one we’re witnessing within this bear market - SHOULD see its last. But I don’t think that we’re going to see a straight ride up until March. Nope. My guess is that Christmas won’t be such a gift to Wall Street and that we’ll see some slippin’ and slidin’ back into familiar and bearish territory then. Will we make new lows and then bounce back over 1200 or even 1300 before December 25? I don’t know. It wouldn’t surprise me. But the overall direction of the market, at least while Jupiter’s hanging around, is up. Higher. And higher. I’d be a buyer on deep dips and hold value in the mean. What I wouldn’t hold, if I’m a bull, is my breath. That could cause some serious blue in the face. In the mean, I’m hoping these last financial astro predictions don’t leave me with egg on mine. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. At least for now I am.

November 1 ……… On Christian calendars today is ‘All Saint’s Day’ which might sound heavenly but with Mercury the Messenger squaring off against a foggy and nebulous Neptune, well, all that glitters might not be a halo, Mixed messages all over the place but you can find what you need if you simply scratch the surface and then dig deep. The best course of action might be to call in a consort of the saints, Angel Hadriel. According the writings of J.Cornug, there is evidence in the ancient Zohar that suggest “when Angel Hadriel proclaims the will of the Lord, his voice penetrates 200,000 firmaments and with every word from his mouth go forth 12,000 flashes of lightning.” As he is aligned with the wisdom of the ages and turns knowledge to wisdom through your experiences, you may do well to invoke his intercession (three times using those same words!) today. If you want to know the exact prayer that Cornug says bring Hadriel to your aid, come to http://ellenwhitehurst.tumblr.com/ as that will my blog post on this mystical day! Want to access the wisdom of the ages and be guided to your best your life ever? See you and Hadriel there!

November 2 ……… A flirty and mischievous Venus enters adventurous Sagittarius today leading the way for a risk-taking Mercury to immediately follow suit. This day was in the running to be this month’s Super Stellar Day it’s so exceptionally optimistic! With Venus trine Uranus as well you are in for an unexpected surprise (is there any other kind?) But this surprise will have something to do with love – hot, healing and electric love! Remember those Candy Kisses you got on Halloween? Put a bunch of them in a clear glass or crystal container and place that in the ‘ROMANCE’ area of your bedroom. Speaking of the bedroom … RED sheets. Enough said.

November 3 ……… Chatty Mercury is trine Uranus the Awakener! Go ahead and expect the unexpected but you can nudge that same thing along by sending a well thought out text, email or smoke signal even. Want to know why? Because there is the promise of YOU receiving some really exciting news TODAY! And I’m not just blowing, well, you know! Speaking of smoke let’s kill two birds with one plume. Feng Shui says that violet incense is considered ‘happy incense’ and will lift moods and raise spirits when burned inside the home. IF you burn it in the ‘FAME’ area then you can be sure that news concerning an elevation in your reputation and recognition factors as well as some just rewards will quickly follow.

November 6 ……. Daylight Savings Time ends and although this isn’t an astrological event per se it still behooves me to share some en-lightening advice. If you haven’t done it recently, change the lightbulbs in three key places in your home; inside and outside the front entryway, in the kitchen and in the main light source in your bedroom. Switch out to the highest wattage bulbs you can find. YOU light up my life. Turnabout is fair play. This will IMMEDIATELY and almost magically light up yours!

November 7 ……… Aggressive Mars is opposing spiritual Neptune. Another mixed bag of a day with a feeling of anxious anxiety permeating. This too shall pass. Just don’t make any decisions or even sign anything important today. Or if you do be sure to use a red, purple or green pen and use the Prosperity Signature too! Start the first letter of your first name with a firm upslanting stroke and end the last letter of your last name that same way? The ENTIRE signature should also slant up and to the right!

November 9 ……… Neptune goes direct in Aquarius after having been in stall since early June. All those clouds that were, well, clouding up the last few days start to disperse and disappear as everything now gets the all clear. Feels so much more peaceful today, doesn’t it? If you answered ‘No’ to that last question then take a bite out of this next tip. Displaying apples in the home is believed to bring an immediate and effective calming influence to your environment. The Chinese word for apple is ‘ping’ which also translates to the word ‘peace.’ Ping peace and remind it that you’re ready for a big slice of same.

November 10 ……… Full Moon in Taurus brings a breath of fresh air and a chance to center and focus on all or our blessings. Deeeeluxe and delightful Taurus says that today should be all about the chill, after all the last few weeks and months have been all about the benjamins so it’s time to take your mind off the money at least for one day. You have a choice today to give yourself the gift of the present or not. Maybe a relaxing bath will help? Add one tablespoon of sesame oil to your bathwater. Place two tablespoons of uncooked rice and chopped, unpeeled, raw potato in a net and suspend in the bath water. Lie down and with eyes closed concentrate on the end of your coccyx. While doing that massage the soles of your feet at the same time. This secret Taoist soak will wash any lingering worries down the drain and give you a fabulous and fresh start.

November 16 ……… Entrepreneurial Mars takes an important meeting with generous and fortunate Jupiter and all goes really well! So well in fact that they are both encouraging you to get out and get out and do something proactive to push you own plans along. Take any action. On any front. Or you can always employ the Feng Shui Phone Cure. Cut a small piece of red material (felt, silk, velvet) and position it under the base of your phone. Place a mirror equal in size and shape atop the material and on top of that place an image of the Chinese zodiac. Put your phone atop this entire effort and wait for it to ring. Because today’s action oriented energies are off the hook.

November 20 …….. Uh oh, getting all fuzzy and cloudy again with the Sun squaring off against Neptune. Yikes, I know, I know, you just can’t decide. Decision-making is tough inside these sorts of astro environs. If you really need clarity just put a small and rounded mirror under your mattress where your head lies when you are sleeping at night. In the morning, before your feet hit the ground, pull out the mirror and silently ask your question. Blow your breath so that if fogs the mirror and then wipe it clean with a white cloth. Wipe in a clockwise direction. Do this for nine consecutive days OR until you reach the decision that will fuel your dreams and desires.

November 22 …….. Sun slides into Sagittarius and all is right with the world. A blindinly brilliant day for you to shine. Especially where LOVE is concerned. I’m talking about the ‘happily ever after’ kind of love. Write a wish on a red balloon with a black felt-tip pen and compose your personal message carefully. Be specific. One wish per balloon as this will focus the energy of the cure with your ONE wish. When you are done writing the words that symbolize your heart’s desire then release the helium filled balloon into the air. Another way to use this cure to LIGHTEN your load (and everyone else’s too) is to write a mantra or blessing on the balloon and release that excellent energy into the atmosphere as well! Using this Wish Balloon truly underscores that for today love IS in the air!

November 23 …….. As if the Sun and Uranus hooking up weren’t enough to get uber excited about, with Mars trine Pluto as well not only will all the good news bring a smile to your face it will also bring your excellent efforts to the powers that be as well! You are in for a good day. Yep, yep, a very good day. Especially if you locate your FAME area and play some music there or burn some incense there or even light nine red candles there today. Any and/or all of these efforts will help ground the great astro energies and manifest more good news for you!

November 24 …….. Okay, so, first and foremost HAPPY THANKSGIVING! And, then, well, Mercury goes retrograde today too. You know the drill. No signing important papers for a few weeks. No buying big ticket items. No starting new projects, plans and or creating new goals. RE-vise, RE-visit, RE-store. But then give in to the love-ly, love-ing love vibe that comes courtesy Venus SEX-tiling Neptune. Now with Neptune in the mix you can be sure that spiritual energies are ready to assist as well so let’s go ahead and call on Angel Theliel to help your heart to be all full up. According to author Cornug, Angel Theliel is a conjurer of magic in love relationships. Invoke his intercession three times to bring you your own love everlasting. Funny how today’s energies are about love and the extra added bonus Shui is about Thanksgiving and pairs, um, I mean, pears! Come to the facebook page to get ALL the powerful Thanksgiving Shui for today, including the super secret turkey day pair magic! Come on over and share some blessings and learn some tips to be thankful for on www.facebook.com/EllenWhitehurst

November 25 …….. New Moon Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius! Power-full! Spontaneous, adventurous, risk-taking and fun. Stay away from the serious and try to get out and about in the big, wide world. And, a word to the wise, not making decisions is a good way to go today too. That includes whether or not you should shop on Black Friday. Now, if you’ve already given in to the urge to splurge than at least make sure that you have a gold infinity symbol positioned anywhere in your ‘WEALTH’ area for the next nine days. OR nine hours at least! C’mon you can keep your ABUNDANCE activated for nine hours right? Otherwise leave the credit card and the cash alone and go for a walk in the park instead.

November 26 …….. Venus enters Capricorn and then gets busy by squaring off against Uranus. Since Venus is apparently crabby and cranky today you can expect that your love life be influenced by those energies too. Don’t worry everything lightens and brightens tomorrow, but, for today; send a love letter and, then, place a RED DOT about ½ inch in diameter in the MIDDLE of the back of the letter. This Feng Shui secret allows that letter to carry some huge power and potency and will help put a Universal stamp of approval on your relationships!

November 27 …….. Venus trine Jupiter makes this THE most SUPERDEEEEEE DUPER DAY of the month. Just a hint….money, love, fun…uh huh! Now, you DO know that I will be offering something equally and magically spectacular to complement the astro energies of the day. BUT you also know that you can only get that secret and specific info by also getting our free monthly newsletter too! What???? You don’t get it yet? What are you waiting for? THIS month’s info will give you as much (or more) to be grateful for then mini marshmallows on the sweet potato pie! Hurry to www.ellenwhitehurst.com and sign up! HURRY! And HAPPY Super Stellar Day!

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Ellen Whitehurst is a Lifestylist and Ultimate Health and Wellness expert as well as the author of the bestselling MAKE THIS YOUR LUCKY DAY (Random House, 2008.) Ellen is recognized as the country’s premier expert in Feng Shui and other empowering modalities. A former monthly columnist for both ‘Redbook’ and ‘Seventeen’ magazines, Ellen is also a recurrent contributor to The Huffington Post and John Edward’s InfiniteQuest.com among others.

Ellen is also the newest Health and Wellness expert for DoctorOz.com. She has two bestsellers on the Top Ten course list at DailyOM.com and can be found offering her own hugely popular hybrid of Feng Shui and Astrology (called ‘Shuistrology’) right here on her website.

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