'Tis the time of year to rethink your business model and upgrade. The easiest way to do this is to revisit (or create) your money funnel. Even if you’re a newbie, this is a great way to visually see where you want the money to funnel into your business.

And for goodness sake, put the fun in FUNnel while you’re at it!

The basics…

The top of your funnel is where you clarify all the places you’ll get leads.
The next tier is your freebie(s). All the stuff that allows people to get a taste of what you offer.
Now decide what your low, mid and high priced products and services will be.


You’ll offer things you think you ‘should’ for the money but they don’t jazz you.
Too many items in the low end or high price points.
Not having a system to move your customers through the FUNnel.
Being scared to move them through the FUNnel.
Forgetting that inspiration needs to be present in each offer (each thing you sell).
Offers not congruent with each other and/or your brand.

What to do…

Ask yourself what your objective is with each offer.
For each offer, create a follow up system that makes sure your clients consume what they bought and they know the next step to take with you.
Know who your ideal clients are and align your offers to be irresistible to them, and juicy for you to deliver.
Ditch any offer or price points that aren’t aligned with your brand or your heart.

This is a process. You get to create your money FUNnel to suit your values, brand, and desires. Money can’t come to you if you’re not loving what you’re offering or the way that you’re offering it.

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