Many people have developed reasons why African Americans do not seek therapy. Some people think therapy is only for the wealthy white people, while others think family matters should be kept in the home.

Therapy is an essential tool that should be employed by everyone.

I do not have a mental illness.

Even if you do not have a mental illness you should still take advantage of a therapy program. Most people wait until they are already experiencing symptoms or until they can no longer handle the problem on their own.

Doctors recommend annual physicals to update your care and reduce your risk of contracting a disease. African Americans should visit a therapist on or twice a year to make sure that they are staying in control of their mental health.
A therapist can help you identify markers or signs that will help you to know when something is off with your mental health.
I will talk to my friends and family about my problems
While being able to share your struggles with your family is ideal, they may not always be understanding of your situation.
They may judge you, give you bad advice, or enable you to continue the bad behavior.

Talking to your family won't prompt change. In some cases, you may find yourself making decisions to make your family happy when you should be focusing on yourself. A therapist acts as an unbiased ear and can help you make the best decision for yourself.

Benefits of having a Black Therapist
Therapy can be beneficial to your life.

Not only can it jumpstart your healing process, but it can also act as a conduit for growth and prosperity.

Some benefits of therapy include it can help you deal with life's misfortunes, break your problems down into manageable chunks and it can help you feel like you are not alone.

Life is unfair
Problems are bound to happen, whether big or small.
People often feel conflicted, and they do not know how to handle it. A therapist can help you to identify what emotions are summoned during periods of stress and how to deal with these emotions healthily.

Breaking problems into manageable chunks
When we are in distress in our minds, we make the problem bigger than it is. Talking about things and organizing the situation from its peak to its plateau can provide clarity.

Having a conversation with a therapist may also help you discover what makes you angry or depressed or anxious.

I am not alone

Having a therapist can provide you with comfort.

A therapist can act as a support system for individuals. It can also inspire you to join support groups for people who have the same ailments as you do.

Resources for individual who want to seek treatment
The field of psychotherapy may lack diversity, but there are still ways to get help from a professional that looks like you. Therapists from all over the country can be found via or You can also type “black therapist near me" into a web directory to find the perfect therapist for you.

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A therapist can act as a support system for individuals. It can also inspire you to join support groups for people who have the same ailments as you do.