It seems the Divine Feminine is very feisty this month. You’re expressing the spirit of a rebel full of argumentative vibes which is making communication very difficult with your partner. You’re ruthless with your words and this can be hurtful to others. It seems you are using your intelligence against this person and your words are coming out sharp.

Relationships are about giving and receiving financially and emotionally. One person can’t do it all by themselves. You need to work together as a team in order for things to improve. Work on your communication and try to find balance within the relationship. There are too many things going on right now and this partnership needs to be organized on who does what to make this right.

You seem to be in competition with each other to see who’s producing more in the relationship. As the queen of the relationship, you want more in regards to family wealth and your living conditions. Someone loss their job or a source of income and things are becoming complicated. This situation has been a continuing battle and has taken lots of endurance.

Finances is definitely an issue that’s causing a burden on the relationship. The Divine Masculine can be hot tempered and very forceful with his actions. However, he does have entrepreneurial skills and has the potential to create a successful business or project that will produce good income.

Due to these circumstances you and/or your partner is becoming emotional detached. This can bring on feelings of doubt and leaving it all behind. It’s a hard choice because it’s hard to find a new romance and get to know a person on a personal and intimate level. There is a lot of emotions and feelings involved. Some of you may already be looking into a new relationship because your emotions are running high.

You’ve reached a turning point and it is time to reassess the situation to see if this relationship is worth holding on to. You share good memories together and have been together for some time and it’s hard for you to leave because you’ve been friends for so long. There has been some deceitfulness and lying going on this relationship. Someone may have been irresponsible with the finances or may have stolen from you.

There are a lot of things to consider so take some time out to think about your next move. You may decide to move independently and concentrate on yourself. Use this time as a moment of inspiration to focus on your goals. You are filled with new ideas for your business and now is the time to focus on your dreams. You are a self-made business person and it’s up to you to make it happen. When you follow your passions you will be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

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