After you have lived past your thirties or so you will have begun to realize that life is funny, ironic, unpredictable, difficult, hard, and you can go…these are the judgment we form.

Some people are wired or predisposed to certain problems and some are able to navigate certain challenges more easily than others – or so it seems. Some people leave the life we consider normal and they go into some type of seclusion as a means of “getting rid of the ways of the world”. Thus some become monks and nuns and some go into almost total solitude. The pull affects different people, or rather, create different responses, but at the end of it all, they suspect that the ways of the world are some kind of folly.

In order to cope, many of us become almost philosophical. We have cute joy quotes, nice sounding joy songs, uplifting observations and would have positive affirmations and many of the New Age practices that are suppose to affect our minds in ways that lead us to spiritual uplift. And it works…to the extent that “positive” seems better than “negative” and it might get one to be closer to the portal of spiritual awareness in the deeper sense. This deeper sense is the awareness that separation is the problem. This is the tendency to see ourselves as different from what is considered the whole. When we see things in terms of “good” and “bad” and we see what is going on and consider it different from what is going on with us – what is happening now!

And there is a paradox. We have to know that what is happening now is life itself. And our life is every moment and is a part of it (what is happening) and part of us. Yet we have to, at the same time, detach ourselves so that we honour the fact that we should not be consumed by it. We become the observer of what is and not resist the product of what each moment brings.

When each moment is seen as NOW, as our LIFE, and we accept that what life is about at that little moment of time, we learn not to want something else. The wanting something else create suffering (anxiety, worry, displeasure…) for us, and once we understand this principle, we take each of them as they come and since there are, in some sense, an infinite number of them we experience a form of continuum – the flow of life as we know it, until it ends.

Accepting each leads to moment by moment peace as Jesus demonstrated, among other enlightened people, and success is seen from a different perspective. Success does not appear empty because we are not waiting for a special something to be happy we are living at one with the NOW.

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