When it comes to good health, strong relationships and wealth, your home is the key. According to the principles of Feng Shui, the three areas that can affect your prosperity and future most are your front door, bedroom, and kitchen.

This article, the third of three, will focus on your kitchen – especially your stove or burner top-- and its impact on your prosperity, vitality, health and overall abundance for your future. Your stove’s location, care and cleanliness will either increase your prosperity, well-being and abundance or stand its way.

Your stove and kitchen play a key role in improving the health, wealth, prosperity, and abundance of your home and family. The location of your stove in relationship to the other appliances and windows is significant because it determines your overall abundance. It also affects how much personal vitality you have, whether you will be properly nourished, and your overall personal well-being. When on the outside of your house, the front door rules. When on the inside of your house, the bed is the king but the kitchen, and especially the stove, is queen.

Kitchen Strategies for Success

Clutter and cleanliness are at the top of the list for the kitchen and the stove. While both of these elements are also important with regard to the front door and the bedroom, it is imperative in the kitchen. The kitchen and stove are associated with health and wealth, but they are also the hearth of the home, connecting the family, providing a sense of community and of course, nourishment – therefore cleanliness is next to godliness. It is the fire in the belly of the family and provides the heat and warmth of the center of the home.

• Do keep kitchen counters clear and clutter-free to reduce stress, save time and improve the flow of abundance
• Do make cleanliness the rule of thumb in the kitchen
• Do maintain a refrigerator and pantry full of fresh food to ensure abundance in all areas of your life
• Do keep the kitchen well-lit to encourage nurturing and nourishing energy to flourish
• Do not position the stove opposite the refrigerator, sink or dishwasher – it destroys the fire element energy of the stove, which is critical to health and wealth
• Do not position the stove under or in front of a window so the fire, good fortune and abundance energy, flow out the window; if this is not possible place a mirror behind the stove to correct the negative flow of energy
• Do place the stove in a location where the person cooking will never have his or her back to a door or entrance ; this will keep the cook from being startled or stressed as well as improve nourishment – if this is not possible place a shiny pot or kettle on the stove or a small decorative mirror off to the side to be able to view the door or entrance at all times
• Do position the stove in an island for maximum health, wealth and abundance energy
• Do keep healthy upward reaching plants or herbs in the kitchen – they are nourishing and nurturing
• Do place a bowl of fresh fruit on the kitchen counter nearest the center of your home to energize abundance – if you cannot eat the fresh fruit before it spoils, great faux fruit will also work to represent abundance

It is not always possible to have the stove in the perfect position in the kitchen but as noted, you can use some of the remedies to correct the problems. Pay special attention to the stove itself.

• Do clean it after every use, and keep it as spotless as possible
• Do make sure all knobs, switches and burners are working – if not fix them as they stand in the way of prosperity, abundance wealth and health
• Do make sure the stove burners are level so you have a level playing field to nourish health, wealth and abundance
• Do regularly rotate the use of the burners, making sure you use all of them to ensure a complete cycle of good fortune and health
• Do keep the oven empty for both safety from accidentally starting a fire and to welcome abundance energy

Whether you are an avid cook, a gourmet aficionado or the queen of carry-in meals, the kitchen and stove matter. These represent the center of the home, the hub of family activities and the heart of your health, wealth and abundance.

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