You're no good.

You don't know what you're doing.

That's a stupid idea.

What makes you think anyone is going to buy from you?

You're sending too many emails.

You're promoting too much.

No one needs what you have to offer.

____ [fill in the blank] does that better than you do.

You offer the same service/product as _____. Why would someone buy from you?

That last question is the only question that the Inner Critic Gremlin has that is even remotely helpful.

Why would someone buy from you?

But that's the end of its helpfulness. Gremlin will give you all the negative reasons why someone would NOT buy from you.

And that's just not true.

You DO have something to offer that is different from anyone else in your industry...


You just have to figure it out. Here are some simple, yet powerful, questions you can ask yourself to get to the truth. The answers will tell you - and Gremlin - why someone WOULD buy from you.

People need me because... Your answer is going to include special skills and gifts that you bring to the game. You provide something. What is it? (And there is an answer, because you're not just taking up space. You matter.)

What's special and unique about what I do is... This one may be a little tricky. The thing about a natural gift is that we don't usually realize it's special. We think everyone does it and does it that way. Because for us, it's so easy and natural. That's your first clue that what we're talking about IS a gift. So, what is it that you do that is special?

I solve these kinds of problems: ____ What is it that you do? How do you help others?

People tell me they're amazed I can... People HAVE told you this. You may just have to delve deeply to remember. (Because it's so much easier to remember the bad stuff, especially our own self-critical stuff.)

I'm really good at... You are. It may be hard to admit to it, because, for some reason, we're taught that it's bad to say, "This is what I'm great at." So... what are you great at?

No one else seems to be able to _____ like I can. This one may be easier to answer than #5 because it's easier to see yourself in comparison to others (good and bad, unfortunately). What do you do that other people don't do as well? Hint: what do other people come to you to do because they can't or they're not as good as you?

You may have to run through this exercise several times before it becomes somewhat automatic - your automatic answer to what the Inner Critic Gremlin tells you. Because Gremlin always has lies for you. It's up to you to find the truth.

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