The human energy system acts like a computer. This does not mean that people are mechanically logical; it's more that we have hardware, software, wiring and programs or automatic patterns that we use to filter and manipulate what happens around us. Unlike electronic computers, we are also our own programmers -- we can use self-awareness and free will to change our programs and therefore change output, which means changing the life you are creating.

Now, a computer is constructed of physical components that we can see and touch, including but not limited to:

• an input device (mouse or keyboard)
• a processing unit (CPU with RAM at a certain speed)
• data banks (e.g., hard, floppy or CD-ROM drives)
• connective wiring and a power source.

Humans have equivalent components. Our senses gather data, and our brains function as CPUs. Instead of screens, we have facial expressions, body language and verbal language to express what is happening inside. Our “hard drive” is the bio-magnetic field of charged particles surrounding the body. Connective wiring is found in our nervous system and meridians; the power source is always God, on the spiritual level, and the combination of oxygen, water, and food on the physical level. In both humans and computers, all these components have to be compatible and correctly wired up for a computer to work at all.

Everyone comes prewired and preloaded with all the programs you need to fulfill your assignments in this world. The question is this: are you 100% you? And are your computers running the right programs, or have you picked up computer viruses that cause your system to crash?

The best computer components in the world only create an environment for the work you wish to do. In order to create, you also require data and programs. There are structural and programming aspects to a computer that are equally important:

• logic circuits set out in an understood or agreed manner
• an operating system (like DOS)
• an environmental operating system (e.g., Windows, OS/X or Unix)
• programs that perform specific functions (word processing, say, or spreadsheets)
• data or information that can be used in these programs.

In people as in computers, information is digital, stored on rings, and read by light. In humans, these are energetic rings in your bio-magnetic fields, or the area of charged particles around you. To work with your bio-computers, the information has to be accurate and free of contamination, and compatible with your system and programs.

For any given project, you have to select the right programs for your goals. For instance, you don’t try to run a spreadsheet in a word processing program, or write a report using a spreadsheet program. Yet we humans keep trying to use the wrong programs or automatic patterns to run our lives!

Most of all, the programmer must have a goal s/he wishes to reach using this hypothetical computer. A goal is something you want that you don’t already have. A writer must have an idea for a story; an accountant has the task of preparing financial audits. Unless there is an intention or goal – output, in fact – the best computer equipment made is only expensive junk. Once you figure out the highest goal, it is possible to bring hardware, software and goals together to create the best output – which is the life you want to live.

In the human computer, these are the patterns or habits you pick up from your culture, family, friends, or religious beliefs. Some are conscious, but most are unconscious. As part of your divine blueprint, you’re either provided with programs that will help you create what you are here to do, be, have or enjoy. When you’re is in alignment with your divine blueprint, life is easy, creative and full of joy. Running other people’s programs is like attempting to run a Mac file on a PC: it just doesn’t work. We each have a responsibility to clean up our computers so that we can get on with creating excellent output and happy lives.

Many computer problems have human equivalents. Virtually everyone has picked up social, spiritual or religious ideologies (usually called beliefs) that block their flow. This can arise from selecting the wrong program for your goals, like using WordPad instead of Word. It can also come from storing files that you don’t want, which then run on auto-pilot and bring up past conditions that you thought you had already cleared.

You pick up the equivalent of computer viruses when we hang around with people who have their own unresolved issues that they then get you to process for them. While you have the files, the other person can’t work on them. It’s like doing your kid’s homework: you get exhausted, and the child doesn’t learn anything. Also, chances are your computers will crash if you try to run programs incompatible with your system. On the physical level, a crash can show up as physical ailments, exhaustion or worse.

People sometimes develop contaminations on their own; the computer equivalent here would be bugs or glitches to otherwise useful programs. Having a misunderstanding in your bio-magnetic field equals data corruption in your hard drive. You can even end up processing someone else’s life, as if you were their external hard drive.

On the hardware side, many people have difficulties with their brain-body wiring, leading to developmental/learning difficulties such as dyslexia, ADD, and ADHD. Very few people are firmly connected to their power Source, leading to up and downs in your health, prosperity, etc. When components are incompatible, we may find diseases such ALS, MS, and other ailments arising from distortions of the brain-body connection.

We’re designed so that the Spirit, or light, should be telling us what to do at the Soul level (what you think, feel, believe, desire), and that will create or attract every on the physical level, or sensory realm. Most people very blocked up at the Soul level. Any of these dysfunctions can block your Soul, so that spiritual instructions (from the divine blueprint) cannot get to the physical. If this goes on for too long, your bio-computers crash, create something goofy, or spend their capacity in simply coping instead of creating a full and joyful life.

Geotran™ is a coding language that gets your inner bio-computers to run the way they are designed, so that you can have the life you want to live. By cleaning up your hard drive and programming, you have the chance to create the fulfilling life you really want!

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Dr. Kyre Adept is a certified Geotran™ human programmer and integration coach. Her practice ART of Integration is based in Santa Barbara, and she works with clients all over the world via phone and skype. Ready to create your rich, delicious life? For details and your FREE consultation, contact Dr. Kyre at, or by email at