What if there was a part of you that was in charge of your Immunity? What if there was a 'department', like an internal post office, whose sole purpose was sorting out what belongs to you and is part of your Self, and what does not belong there?

The Immune System's primary job is to sort what belongs in the body and eliminate what does not belong there. Energetically speaking, it separates information that supports and nurtures you and eliminates or lets go what does not.

Who tells the Immune Department what to keep and what is spam or junk mail?

You guessed it! You do! Your thoughts and beliefs create the filters with which most of the sorting is done. But thoughts and emotions are not the only influences. There are sorting orders that come from the higher aspects of your being, and can wreak havoc in the Immune Department, when you are mis-aligned. This causes chaos and lack of clarity for your Immune Department, and errors happen.

Imagine you are holding a conversation with your Immune Department Manager. It could go something like this:

"You: I want to talk to you about arthritis and other autoimmune disorders.
Immune Dept Manager: What do you want to know?

You: Why are you aggressively attacking parts of me that belong to me? Why can't you separate what belongs to my body, the things that keep me healthy, and get rid of the rest?
IDM: You don't know how hard a task that is!! We are doing our best! We are not clear about what belongs to you and what does not!

You: What do you mean?
IDM: You do not set clear boundaries and your thinking is not clear. We do the best we can, and since our primary job is to protect you, we err on the side of caution, and destroy more than may be necessary. We are sorry, but the alternative of letting unwanted things run rampant would be the death of you.

You: Are you saying that I am responsible for my autoimmune problems? Do I dislike myself and want to hurt myself?
IDM: No. You are a very likable person. It's just that you are so unclear. We need precise guidance so that we can do our job easily and flawlessly.

You: What can I do to make your job easier?
IDM: Get clear about who you are and what you do best. Make a mantra: I clearly know who I am and what I do best. You hold many conflicting beliefs. It is the negative beliefs you embrace about yourself and your world that blurs the edges between what is useful and valuable to you and what should be discarded and destroyed. We know that these negative beliefs are not true, but you are the Master in charge of us, and we follow your orders. We, in this department, are encouraging you to take steps in getting clear, by giving you more health problems. If you were not going through a spiritual transformation, you would not be having these problems.

You: How can I separate what I want for myself and what I don't?
IDM: Don't be so afraid to say no, or yes, and when you do, don't feel guilty. This is what causes the confusion for us. You say one thing and wish you hadn't or you feel guilty. You are sending out two signals, each canceling the other.

You: I hadn't thought about it like that. I can see how sending two conflicting signals can be confusing for you. How can I clean this up?
IDM: Don't vacillate. Don't go back and forth in your decisions. Make a decision and stick to it. Or clearly choose to change your mind. Don't say one thing and do another. It's OK to change your mind if you realize you don't like your decision. Just be clear about it. Don't leave things hanging. And stop resisting your inspirations.

Notice every time you make a choice, and notice whether you line up your energy to move ahead with that choice, or if you split your energy by doubting your choice, or wish for other options.

What is important is that you take some action towards fulfillment of that choice- even if it is a tiny step. Make your choices with an energetically firm 'Yes' or 'No'. Make it a statement of fact. What confuses us is when your mouth says 'yes', your gut says 'no', and your mind says 'maybe'.

Look at your Immune System as an extension of your decision making process. Your Immune System has to be able to say 'yes' or 'no' to whatever it encounters. If it belongs, we will protect it. If it does not belong, we will destroy it. There are no 'maybe's. It is that simple.

Our biggest advice to you is to watch where you are splitting your energy. When you find you are splitting your energy, make a decision to choose one or the other. And let it be. Don't blur your decisions. Stay on one track. Then you can make another decision, if you want to have a different outcome. For now, look at it as a linear process.

You: Thank you. I'll pay more attention.
IDM: We await your clear instructions."

What do you think will happen with your health and in your daily life, if you become really clear about your decisions?

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