Your Extension of your Mind????

Take a look at your home....... have you accumulated a lot of ‘things’ over the years? Have you filled up every empty space with something? Are there boxes you haven’t looked in for years? Or clothes you haven’t worn? Or rooms you can’t even get into anymore?

When we have goals we would like to achieve, it is most important to see that goal clearly and feel how it would be to achieve it! People realize when they start doing visualizations to reach goals that sometimes other worries and thoughts keep popping up in their minds. It becomes difficult to see the end result as there is too much ‘stuff’ in the way.

We may have kept too many things from the past that are not useful to us in our current situation. We may not have let go of old hurts or emotions, unhealthy patterns or thoughts from our past experiences. All of this can be a roadblock to our future!

To be in ‘the Now’ and create a future we want, it is important to clear out the past. Believe it or not, when we start to clear out our physical surroundings, we are clearing our minds as well!

Who we are today is a result of our experiences. We want to keep the good, remember the lessons we were taught, and let go of anything that is not beneficial to our state of being right now!

When we look at our homes and start to clear out those old clothes, boxes, and ‘stuff’ we really don’t need; we notice our minds start to become more clear as well! When our homes are clear and organized, our minds settle down, our thoughts flow more clearly and we feel a shift and a change in our physical bodies as well! It is healthier for us on all levels to de-clutter our homes and our minds! We can see clearly what we want in our lives now and what we want to achieve in our future.

As human beings, we function on many levels--physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. When we understand how all these levels are connected and relate even to our surroundings, we become healthier and happier as we get them all in balance!

De-clutter your home, de-clutter your mind, and improve your life!

Mary E. Stevenson
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist
Whole Harmonized Healing

Author's Bio: 

Mary E. Stevenson was certified as a Clinical Hypnotherapist in 1995. She is also a Reiki/Master Teacher. She has been using these healing modalities to assist people in healing themselves physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Improving people's lives and having them access what they need to live their lives to the fullest is Mary's focus. Life is a journey we are meant to enjoy!