Many dog lovers around the globe can attest to the love and protection a Rottweiler owner feels. They are an ancient breed and come in all shapes and sizes.
Rottweiler puppy

Rottweiler Characteristics and Other Facts

The AKC or the American Kennel Club has ranked the Rottweiler dog breed as one of the top ten most popular dog breeds in America. They are affectionately called Rotties by many and are considered a medium-large breed when in the fully grown stage weighing at about 80 to sometimes 135 pounds. They are believed to be the descendants of the Asian mastiff breeds used as herder dogs all across the Roman Empire in Europe. Aside from herding cattle, they were also used while hunting bears. They were named after a town called Rottweil. During the era of industrialization, Rotties almost went extinct due to the lack of need for herder dogs or hunting dogs making their breeding very limited due to its uselessness. Dog lovers made sure that the breed continued being bred through the 1800s, which allowed the breed to make its way into the 1900s, where it became one of the 'working dogs.' The bravery of Rottweilers helped them serve as rescue dogs after the 9/11 attacks of the twin towers. Their popularity only skyrocketed after that, as celebrities started to love and adopt Rotties for their homes. Another factor that led to their popularity was their immortalization in novels and other fiction stories.

Like many other dog breeds, Rottweilers are known for their obedience and devotion to their owners. They are brave, and their loyalty allows them to do anything to protect their master. Rottweilers are well mannered and good natured. Their alertness has allowed them to be an excellent advantage for the army and police force. They are self-assured, bold, fearless, and can scare off any animal or person that tries to harm their owners or their home. They are naturally assertive and confident guardians with a strong willingness to do what their master commands of them. The Rottweiler breed is famous for its steady, calm, and composed temperament that can come off as intimidating to visitors and other animals or species.

Training Rottweilers

Rottweilers have been listed as one of the top ten breeds that are easy to train because of their alertness and intelligence. One can find on Pedigree Rottweiler puppies care how to prepare them and what food matches them best. They were initially used to drive cattle to the market or into pens and pull carts for shopkeepers and butchers. In the more recent decades, they have been trained and used quite effectively as assistance in the military field. A characteristic that has been advantageous for army and police officials is that the rottweiler breed has been quite intense for a beginner dog or pet owner. For a family, it is always best to get a rottweiler puppy female or male, instead of a grown dog, to be able to train them and understand their behaviors from a young age.

An effective way of training a rottweiler puppy is by the method of operant conditioning. All four quadrants need to be used in training alongside constant verbal and motion positive reinforcements. If you got your dog when you saw a Rottweiler for adoption sign and are unsure of how to train them, you could be assured that they use the same methods but may take more time and patience for it to be perfected. Some of the initial commands that can be taught to Rottweilers include the heel command, the come and sit commands, and the fetch command. Rotties learn fast and can be prevented from becoming aggressive using positive verbal praising and treats as rewards.

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