Thanks to the wide availability of smartphones and the internet, businesses across the world are now moving to an online platform. There is an app-based solution to every possible service that comes to your mind. Be it taxi, food, hotels, medicine, clothing, banking, or even dating, it can be availed just a tap away. 


Successful mobile applications attract users in millions. And why not; after all, it is a faster way to avail a service and super easy to install an app on your phone. As more businessmen realized this, they looked on this as an opportunity to make money. And thus a new market emerged - the on demand app market. Despite being worth in millions, the competition is fierce and survival is not easy unless some rules are followed. This is where app store optimization plays an important role. 

App Store Optimization: What Is It Anyway?


Most people and even app owners are not familiar with this term but should be if they want their app to be successful. App store optimization, to put it simply means the process through which your app is optimized in a way to rank it higher for a particular search. 


If you are creating a pizza ordering app, for example, searching with the term “order pizza” should show your app in top results. But if your app is not optimized, it may not show up and get very few downloads. It is vital to know the mobile app launch strategies in app store.

Advantages Of Optimization

Before we discuss how to optimize your app, let us first understand why it is crucial for it to be successful. 

  1. It’s A Money Saver!

Google ads are a great way to rank your app but it makes little sense to spend money on something that can be done for free. So learn how to optimize, and it will save you a great deal!

  1. Connect To The Right Users

With optimization, you can get more relevant users. If you own a gaming app, surely you don't want people looking for an education app to find it in their search. Connecting to the right users increases the number of downloads for your app.  

  1. Make It More Discoverable

63% of all apps are found through app store searches. As there are hundreds of app in the store, your product will not be found unless optimized correctly. 

Are You Using The Right Tools?

To make your things easier for you, certain tools are found in the market. These software are not just going to save your money, but give you the right suggestion? What are these?

  1. App Keyword Optimization

Just like search engine optimization, keyword optimization is a very important aspect in order to market your product. This tool analyses the search trends, related searches, and category in the app store comes up with the right keywords for you. As there is no guesswork involved, this leaves little room for error. 


It saves you a ton of time and effort in the manual search. Some of the best tools for app store keyword optimization are Gummicube, App Annie, App Radar, Lab Cave, PreApps, and Moburst.

  1. App Page Optimization

If you think that your job is complete at keyword optimization, you are wrong! The page of your app holds equal importance. We suggest tools like AppTweak that does a decent job analyzing your page and giving you suggestions to improve your app page.


The suggestions provided by this tool after the analysis are based on the title of your app, location, screenshots, keywords, pricing, and more. This tool is certainly apt for increasing the conversion rate.

  1. Review And Sentiment Analysis Tool

Imagine your app being hugely successful. People love it and are mostly happy with it. But even the best ones have users who are facing issues and are not happy with it. Just go through the reviews of the most downloaded apps like WhatsApp and Instagram. The review section is flooded with single stars. 


Now, it is not possible to go through every review but is nevertheless an important task. It is crucial to understand what the users want, user complaints, the commonly faced issues, and suggestions for improvement. But rejoice, for there exists a tool for that as well!


With a tool for sentiment and review analysis, it becomes quite easy to understand your customers better. To name a few examples, Apptentive, AppBot, and TheTool are doing a pretty decent job when it comes to review or sentiment analysis.

Few Tips To Optimize Your App For The Store

Apart from using tools for your app, you can follow some rules to optimize your app better. What are these?


  • Research well on your customers
  • Don't forget to conduct a competitor analysis
  • Put the keyword in the title
  • Add keyword in the title
  • Write a good description
  • Insert screenshots and videos in your app’s page
  • Keep updating on a regular basis
  • Do not keep the size of your app too big
  • Promote it via social media
  • Design a great icon

Ready To Take Off?

Now that you know how to rank your app, are you ready for a successful app launch? We have worked with big and small businesses for almost a decade and are industry experts in this arena. From launching cost-effective MVP to a fully developed product, we do it all. If you need any help to launch your app or have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the top app development company.

Author's Bio: 

Swarnendu De is the Co-founder of Innofied, an Award Winning Apps & Game Development company. He manages the Technical & Business Development Operations at Innofied. With over 10 years of industry experience, Swarnendu has also authored Backbone.js Patterns and Best Practices, published by Packt Publishing, UK. He regularly writes at his company blogs, LinkedIn and other popular platforms.