Welcome Beloved and thank you for joining me in your general reading for July 2020. This message is from Spirit to give you a better outlook on your life and help you put some things into perspective and with that being said, let’s get into the reading.

You may feel like life is in a period of suspension. Things aren’t moving as quickly as you would like, but this is for a good reason. This free time will allow you to look at matters from a different and fresh perspective. It will allow you some time to sort things out in your personal life, address some issues that can’t be carried forward with you, and acknowledge these issues to move forward. Once you have clarity and a better understanding of your circumstances, you will be able to find solutions.

Though you may be feeling disappointed, all is not loss. There has been some deception perhaps with a lover or a trusted friend. They either let you down or didn’t turn out to be the person you thought they were. Due to the emotional feelings that surround you, your logical mind is clouded. There are other positive factors at work that you have not yet seen. Allow time for the smoke to clear before pursuing this any further. If you don’t, you will be involved in petty squabbling, conflicts, and differences of opinions. This is not the type of situation you desire, so try not to be involved.

Use this time to concentrate on that new job position or going back to school. You’re taking on a new responsibility that will require you to learn a new skill. You may be entering a learning establishment, such as a university or college. Perhaps you want to build on an existing talent that can turn into a business venture. All of these things will require a lot of time and energy, so you must start preparing now. Self-discipline will be required at this time if you wish to achieve victory.

You have the qualities to succeed over any obstacles that lie ahead. Self-discipline is key in helping with inner conflicts that need to be controlled in order to achieve success. Therefore, focus is needed upon one path; scattered energies will not bring achievement of the goal. This month will be victorious in accomplishing your goal but this has to be done at a certain pace step by step. When it’s all over, your rewards will be well deserved and you will feel delighted with your achievements.

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Spiritual healer and advisor.