If you have been thinking of a wedding theme for some time and have done a bit of research as well, you will know that there are plenty of themes you can choose from – a white wedding is a classic, but a rustic wedding is so trendy and fun. What about a garden theme, or a more specialised theme such as a fairground theme? At the end of the day, however, the theme you choose for your wedding shouldn’t just be about what’s trendy or popular – it should be about what you really want and prefer. Ideally, you should choose a wedding theme that's the right fit for both your personalities and outlook. If you are having some difficulty deciding on a theme for your wedding, here's your essential guide to selecting the best theme.

Questions to ask yourself

When you are thinking of the theme for your wedding, it's best to look inside yourself and do a little introspective thinking. As mentioned, you want a theme that reflects you as a couple as well. It pays to ask yourself some questions, such as where did you first meet? Where was your first date? Do you have any favourite countries or cities which you have visited as a couple? Where (and how) did your groom propose? What activities do you like doing together? Do you have an idea for the perfect wedding? Is it romantic, ethereal, sophisticated, homey, or modern? What kind of personalities do you have based on your fashion sense? Are you sporty, elegant, casual, or preppy? What type of decorations does your home have? Is there any flower which has a special significance for you? Is there a particular theme or element which defines the kind of relationship you have (perhaps a love of books or art, or a common occupation)? Think about all these things to help you decide.

Other factors to consider

  • Your venue. Your venue will also play a central role in your wedding theme because you want it to complement your theme. If you already have a venue, look closely at what it can offer in terms of ambience and features. If you haven't chosen a venue, think about your 'dream' wedding. What type of venue will be suitable for it? When thinking about the venue, make sure to keep your budget in mind as well.
  • The colours you like. All of us have our preference when it comes to colours, so think about the colours you love. Discuss your favourite colours and check if they go well together. If you can’t think of your favourite colour, simply look at your wardrobe and determine the most common colours in it. You can also go through various colours to see what colours attract you the most. Also, be mindful of being too feminine in your colour choices – make sure to incorporate your groom’s choices in colour as well; you’d be surprised at some excellent colour combinations such as touches of grey combined with purple and pink.
  • Go deeper. It also pays to get into the details when it comes to your wedding theme, according to Oasis Events, the experienced party planners Cotswolds residents recommend. If you want a vintage wedding, decide what era you would like to set it in – the 20s, or the 60s? If rustic is attractive to you, what kind of theme would you want – a rugged rustic or an elegant rustic? If you have a clearer mindset, it will be easier for you to choose your vendors as well.
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