Inside the first two days of August, Mercury the Messenger, the planet that governs all things related to communications, goes on vacation until the end of the month. Now, I don’t know about you, but How I Spent My Summer Vacation (so far at least) is pushing water up a lazy river. People. Places. Things. That are supposed to be collaborating/helping/working on pulling prime projects along are just always someplace else. Except the ones who aren’t. Me REALLY likey them. And Gail, Patty, Mariel…you know EXACTLY who I’m talking about. So, now, you think with Mercury moving backward there would just be more of same. Well, you could think that, but, then, you’d be wrong. This month offers every opportunity to take advantage of, well, opportunities. So go ahead and do just that. But do wait until the very end days before taking them on the road. All the rest of the month is prepped and perfect for the test drive. Put the pedal to your mettle and MAKE IT WORK! Homage Tim Gunn. Don’t sue. And work really should be on y our mind because relationship energies are cranky. Too hot. Power struggles, lies, deceptive practices and people. Pretty Little Liars. Homage ABC Family. Don’t sue.

Now, all that said, and at the same time, this will be a hugely creative month for everyone so be sure to tap that. I’d tap that. My best advice for August? Take artistic inspiration from all the drama and by the time the more magical days get here you won’t even remember what all the earlier rumbling was even about. Unless that rumbling is attributable to unexpected earthquakes or events that cause a major showdown on the international stage. Hey, it’s what you pay me for. If you want to know what you can personally expect, of course, come on over and read your Shuistrology here:

Now, speaking of money…so we have a new Greek bailout plan that promises salad days ahead. But what if it doesn’t? I mean prior to that announcement European stocks were in a free fall and we were following suits. And don’t even get me started re all that dancing on the debt ceiling. Even Lionel would want off that train. But, yes, as of this writing, Hope floats. Unfortunately our debt don’t. Oh the audacity of it all. Testing our patience and our metal. The patience part will be pure knowing once another new cycle low is tested as well. Expect that to happen soonest. Then we know the top is in place. And can expect more bears than the one’s that have been freely roaming city streets these days. And gold. Well, what’s there to say about gold. If you’re Sorosly long, you’ve got the Midas touch. And if you’re not, well, I wouldn’t touch it at these prices. Stay on the sidelines. Or in the pool.

August 1 ……… Even though the Sun is squaring off against giant Jupiter it doesn’t lessen the excitement in the air on this day. Go ahead and enjoy ANYTHING big and bright and shiny. Just don’t buy into it…in ANY way. Keep your wallet close and some caution closer. And you might want to put nine crisp new one dollar bills and 49 shiny new pennies into a red envelope and position that under the welcome mat at your front door just to make sure that you keep saving for a, well, another sunny summer day!

August 2 ……… Here we go (backwards) again. Take your positions. Mercury going retrograde for the following three weeks. Ai yi yi! Back up your computers in the cosmic way by hanging a clear, round and faceted quartz crystal (on 9 or 18 inches of red string or thread) over the top of them. I want you to keep a crystal in the car too. Some people hang them off the rearview. Some just have them hanging around. Either way, this month, do that cure. Will put you in the driver’s seat. All safe and sound.

August 3 ……… Mighty Mars marching into security conscious Cancer and then trines nebulous Neptune too. DREAMS REALLY DO COME TRUE. Especially if you write one on four index cards in red ink and then put them in the following four places: one card on the bathroom mirror. One on the front of the ‘fridge and one on your desk or anywhere else you spend a lot of time during the day. Lastly, one goes right next to your bed on a bedside table or stand. Like I said, DREAMS do come true. ‘Nighty night!

August 4 ……… Neptune re-enters Aquarius where it’s set to stay until February 3, 2012. Mercury sextiles Mars as well. Foggy, cloudy Neptune and Mercury stuck in stall? Organize and clean out your bedroom closet. Create some clarity and some space, because, well, with Venus squaring Jupiter the urge to splurge will be HIGH. Purchases probable, just don’t fill up what you just cleaned out. Oh, and while you’re at it, turn your shoes around so that the tops of them are facing out the door. This will give you a leg up in the office and some additional income opportunities to boot!

August 5 ……… Sun sextiles Saturn and all’s right with the world. Oh yes you can come to some sort of resolution or solution today, especially if you try. Apples in a wooden bowl on the kitchen table go a long way towards making the solution so much more peaceful and so much sweeter. Piece of cake. Um, I mean, pie.

August 7 ……… Sexy, sizzling, sultry va-va-va-voom Venus sextiles Saturn. Your partners want to please too. Let ‘em. But do be sure to wear “Deepening Love” oil to seal the deal. Into a quarter cup of almond oil add seven drops of rose water, seven drops of vanilla (or one bean) drops of lemon, and, my personal fav, a sprinkling of gold glitter. Use this on you pulse points in order to get hearts racing. Giddyup!

August 8 ……… Retrograding Mercury is opposing an uber perplexed and confused Neptune. This would be a VERY good day to check, and, then double check all facts and figures as well as to go over all the details too. You might even want to postpone those meetings until after the middle of the month. Just sayin’. You, however, should keep it shut whenever possible. Or at very least ONLY say this…nine times first thing in the morning, nine again at noon and then nine times before you go to sleep at night. From Florence Shinn: “God’s ways are ingenious, His methods are sure.”

August 9 ……… Aggressive Mars squares off against a highly charged and pissed off Uranus. Uh oh. Yipes! CRAP!!!! With tension on top. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Wear green. And you might want to sleep on that same peacemaking color too. You’ll need those sheets to get through the shit energies of these next few days. In this case, the wearing ‘o the green really will bring you luck….of the harmonious kind! Come and ‘like’ the Facebook page to find out more empowering ways to get through the next few days!

August 11 ……… Mars still making planets pissed as he opposes powerful Pluto. Finances on the edge as are the financiers. Don’t engage in ANY money talks today. In fact, just go back and review the empowering action step for August 1. If you didn’t do it then, there’ll be no better time than now. If, however, you put your money where your mouth is, you’re going to literally be eating your words. Gulp! Just do the dollars cure and rest assured that you’ll be fine.

August 13 ……… Full Moon in inventive and inspiration Aquarius. Ahhhhhhh, that’s better. At ease. Literally. At ease. The attacking energies are abating. Burn violet incense. According to Feng Shui this is called the ‘Happy’ incense and lifts spirits while boosting moods. If you burn it in your FAME area, pending recognition and rewards could make you very happy very soon! Either way the heat is now in FAME as opposed to having so much of it under your collar. As I said before, at ease!

August 21 ……… Venus enters Virgo while out and about opposing Neptune too. Hmmmm… it really true love or are you just friends? So hard to tell! If you want it to be love then put two pieces of rose quartz in the ROMANCE area of your bedroom. Leave them there for 27 days giving this friendship a chance to bloom and grow!

August 25 ……… Mars squares off against Saturn causing a bit of chaos and maybe even a frustrating delay. But here’s the key! This delay is actually Divine. Timing that is. You’ll see. Somewhere down the line having to take more time will bear much more fruit. You’ll see. Oh, yeah, I said that already. But keep yourself occupied during the downtime by doodling dollar signs all the day long. Those doodles bring big gains. You’ll see. No. Really. You’ll see.

August 26 ……… Mercury the Messenger goes direct and move forward again. So will all your stuck in stall projects and plans. Turn the front lights on, inside and out and leave them on for three consecutive hours at least three days in a row. Leave a light on so opportunity can see where it’s supposed to knock. And don’t forget to answer.

August 29 ……… Did you think I forgot? Nah. It’s just late this month. No, no, not my period silly, the UBER SUPERDY DUPERISH DAY OF THE MONTH! Super Stellar. You know you can only get this info if you’re signed up to receive the monthly newsletter right? Then you’re one of the Empowered Elite! GOOD TO BE YOU! XOE

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Ellen Whitehurst is a Lifestylist and Ultimate Health and Wellness expert as well as the author of the bestselling MAKE THIS YOUR LUCKY DAY (Random House, 2008.) Ellen is recognized as the country’s premier expert in Feng Shui and other empowering modalities. A former monthly columnist for both ‘Redbook’ and ‘Seventeen’ magazines, Ellen is also a recurrent contributor to The Huffington Post and John Edward’s among others.

Ellen is also the newest Health and Wellness expert for She has two bestsellers on the Top Ten course list at and can be found offering her own hugely popular hybrid of Feng Shui and Astrology (called ‘Shuistrology’) right here on her website.