There’s probably nothing more exciting for dog parents than the time they spend during the first year with their puppies. Everything is new. The puppy is learning and growing at an almost unstoppable pace; it’s truly an impeccable feeling on its own.

From the very first day you bring the puppy to your home to the day it officially crosses the senior dog territory, each milestone you hit together will remind you of the various joys of living with a canine companion. The exhilarating journey of transition will make all those early morning potty breaks and the late-night potty mishaps truly seem worth it.

Although the exact age your pup hits some of the major milestones in the first year usually depends on various factors, but by the time they turn three, they should have all these milestones under their belt. Whether you’re wondering if your pup has met these milestones or you’ve just adopted a new puppy, here are some milestones that all pawrents should celebrate.

#1 ‘Gotcha’ Day

Adoption day, or gotcha day, is one of the most important milestones for both you and your pupper. Give them time to explore their new home, and provide them plenty of chews and toys so that they don’t look to things like shoes, electrical cords, and furniture for entertainment.

#2 Meeting the Vet

The new pup would need a vet soon since puppies need several vaccinations during their first year. It’s a good idea to get your puppy well-acquainted with a reliable vet as soon as possible, in case you have questions or experience mishaps. If you’re unsure about finding a credible vet, join theDogHood community to ask seasoned pawrents for suggestions.

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When you do find a vet that you can trust, take all the medical paperwork you received when adopting the puppy with you when you visit them. Most puppies get their vaccinations started roughly at eight weeks of age, with the final set being administered at sixteen weeks, but they’ll need boosters at several intervals during the year.

#3 Interaction With Other Pups

The first few weeks of a pup’s life are very crucial when it comes to socializing them. It’s important to plan playdates to socialize them with other doggos before they turn three months old. Dog gurus recommend starting at eight weeks, around the same time when they get their first round of vaccinations. Hold off on dog parks until they learn dog park manners; you can take them to puppy playgroups and local DogHood hubs you find via theDogHood App.

#4 Losing Baby Teeth

Your pup’s milk teeth, or baby teeth, will start falling out after four months’ and they’re likely to have a new set of adult chompers by month eight. So, don’t be surprised if you find teeth all over your house, although most puppies tend to swallow them because the teeth are very tiny. Once their adult teeth have grown, make sure to develop a healthy oval hygiene routine since the earlier you acclimate the pupper to the feel of a toothbrush, the better.

#5 Neuter/Spay

Puppies can be neutered or sprayed as early as seven weeks old. However, it's recommended between six and nine months to allow for a preferred maturity and skeletal growth, especially in larger dog breeds.

#6 Puppy Training

If you’re worried about puppy training and socialization, you should head on to theDogHood platform to follow the exclusive, What To Expect When Expecting A Puppy, web series, Facebook Live sessions, access dog training guides, and find tips and tricks about puppy potty training, crate training your puppy, and a wide range of basic dog training videos that’ll help you quickly become a pro at dog training. Puppy gurus recommend helping the pup learn obedience training skills like ‘stay,’ ‘sit,’ ‘come,’ and more by the time they turn eight months old.

#7 First Birthday

This milestone is definitely worth pawty-ing over. By this time, your pup should’ve met most of the milestones on the listicle to become a well-behaved and loving senior doggo. Create a personalized event on theDogHood App to invite all pawrents in the neighborhood with their dogs to celebrate the once-in-a-lifetime milestone. You can bake a dog-friendly cake and dress up your doggo to make them feel special. From serving pupsicles to decorating the place and serving pup-approved treats, you can make this milestone incredibly special for everyone who attends. Don’t forget to share adorable photos and videos of your pup on the PAWFEED.

#8 Teenage Behavior

As time progresses, your doggo’s attention span might seem shorter as they push your boundaries and disobeying commands. If they’re not fixed by then, the puppers tend to show hormone-based behavioral changes during the adolescent period. This can be an incredibly rough phase, but stay strong. Focus on dog training and socializing. While this stage challenges almost every dog lover out there, you’ll still be grateful once the stage is over and your bond with the doggo is stronger than ever.

The milestones your dog hits will vary once they reach adult years. From getting a first human sibling to the first trip to the beach, first hike or kayaking adventure, or the first time you both win a 5k run, you can celebrate countless milestones with your canine buddy.

We know you’re proud of all the milestones your doggo has achieved. Share your dog’s stories at the Hoomans of the DogHood, an extension of theDogHood platform; who knows your puppy’s story might help other pawrents struggling with dog training. You can also read heartwarming stories of dogs posted by dog lovers if you’re looking for inspiration.
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