Welcome Beloved and thank you for joining me in your Divine Feminine reading for July 2020. This message is from the Divine Goddess within to give you a better spiritual outlook on your life and a message from your spirit guides and with that being said, let’s get into the reading.

The Divine Goddess calls you to the spiritual realms, where she holds a test and a gift for you. The test is your willingness to meet and release the fears within that have been secretly holding you back. The gift is peace of mind, freedom, opportunity, and prosperity in all of its forms. Your time for deeper initiation is here. No matter, how much you have struggled with a particular matter, no matter how impossible it may seem to imagine your life without this old wound, addiction, problem, relationship issue or inner struggle being a part of it, you are guided now to accept the possibility of miraculous healing, Let go and let her divine energy be.

There is nothing to be gained and everything to be lost by trying to hold on to that which no longer serves us. The Divine feminine guides you now to release that which no longer needs to be a part of your life so that you may be free. You’re entering a fertile period in your journey. You are guided to surrender your control over how things will manifest, and instead, allow them to do so. Don’t resist change; instead go with the flow and let it happen. As you begin to heal, you will be free of any setbacks in your life and your spirit will grow gathering internal resources to assist you on this path.

Choose to release that which would lower your vibration into fear. Come back to love, stay true to yourself, and you shall inspire others to think or speak more positively when they are around you. Invoking the power of speech and words for your strength, protection and spiritual growth will work effectively for you now.

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Spiritual healer and motivator.