A fantastic beginning for each day, like a life compass getting you started in the right direction each morning. A positive way to start your day to help you find your Wings To Fly.

Wings To Fly provides daily encouragement for you to take the steps to become the person you wish to be and to have the life you desire. There are 365 different daily topics, that will take you 2 minutes or less to read. These topics are designed to move your self-improvement forward. Self-improvement and the process to becoming more accelerate when you have a daily focus. Your mind is a muscle and feeding it with steps for action and positive thoughts are the fuels that are needed to run the engine of your self-improvement.

In wings to fly, Your Daily Lift Off To Soar To New Heights, my wish is to bring you something to think about every day that can and will improve your life. Your life will not be measured so much by what you accomplish. It will be measured more by what you had to overcome in order to accomplish. Only when you let go of your old thinking and replace it with new thought patterns can you soar to new heights. Physically, the bird has to flap its wings to fly. But until the bird decides in its mind to flap its wings, the goal of flying will go unrealized.

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Steve Scott truly gives from the heart. The wisdom he shares about our personal life journeys is inspiring. “Wings To Fly” is a foundational book that gives daily powerful insights on hundreds of topics, such as initiative, independence, dependence, goals and relationships.

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