There is something intriguing and hot about people who act incredibly successful even before seeing any results. I have this eternal admiration for so many of my cyber pals and authors who radiate self-confidence, love and success through my computer screen. This leadership posture is not by chance, it is by absolute choice. When I started my entrepreneurial venture 8 years ago, I was blessed to have the most amazing mentors to guide me. My intention today is to share some key insights with you in hopes that you will be pumped to rock your biz and your life and live boldly every day!

I like to think of it as a daily leadership recipe. But with this recipe, I encourage and invite extra ingredients such as magnetic energy, optimal health and a million TBSP’s of creativity.

When following this recipe, the foundation is a commitment to think like all abundant and successful people do- To act as if it were impossible to fail. Life is simply more peaceful, zen and happy when you live each day this way. The universe has your back so why not leave your stressing and fears behind and save that beautiful blissful energy for creating your most amazing life.

Step 1- Be honest with yourself. How solid is your self-confidence? Love yourself, live bodly and jump into life. Step into your power and posture and stop living small. Commit to confidence today.

Step 2- Create your 1-2 page delicious 2-year intention map. This is truly the lifestyle, income and juicy things that are on their way to you. The secret ingredient that all successful people add to their success recipe is writing down where they in
tend to be. They don’t leave their life to chance, they create based on their passions, their gifts and their intentions. Write out your 2 year intention map today (date this page 2 years from today and write in the present tense). What income will you be earning 2 years from today? Where will you be living? How does your day start each day? Do you live on the ocean? Do you live a travel lifestyle? Do you go on 10 trips a year? Be clear on what lifestyle you want 2 years from today. This will help you ensure you have the appropriate income vehicle(s) to get you there.

Step 3-Surround yourself with abundant, extraordinary and inspiring people. Be true to who you are and be very honest with yourself. Spend your time with people who make you hyper with excitement and inspire you to be better. I want to emphasize here to be cautious though that you don’t fall in the competitive trap in an unhealthy way. It is very easy to let your ego take over and start a conversation your mind ‘look what she’s doing’, ‘I should be there already’, ‘Why am I not as ahead as he is?’. Take good notes on these mental conversations. Beware! A little competition is good to keep you living outside your comfort zone but if it makes you feel tense and stressed, stop comparing yourself. Be you and be the best you! You are exactly where you are supposed to be. Be present!

Step 4- Create space for the abundance you seek. If your life is filled with clutter, junk and stress that is not aligned with where you want to be, you will remain stuck. Commit today to create space in your life for the new peace, new income, and new abundance you know is on its way. Last week, my fiancé and I sold a boat, a house and a car to make space for the global travel we are doing this year. We are free spirits and thrive when we feel light, spacious and free.

Step 5- Motivate yourself. For those who are truly committed to leadership, self-motivation is key. Speak, write, connect, create and engage in all the activities that make you feel amazing and inspired. For the occasional days where motivation is lacking, rely on resources and mentors you love to inspire you!

Step 6- Take great care of yourself. This is magic. Health is your greatest asset and if you don’t take extra special care of it, what’s the point of success. I remind myself each morning that I am truly grateful for health and it is my top priority. I created a simple program if you’re inspired to get started on delicious optimal health journey

Author's Bio: 

Leanne Grechulk is a Leadership and lifestyle Expert and mentors women globally to boldly leap into their full power. She is the author of amazon best-seller ‘30 Days to Wealth’. Radiantly Grateful, she holds a degree in Biomedical Toxicology Degree and a Masters in Business. She is certified as a pilates, clinical nutritionist and yoga instructor and spent a decade as a marathoner. Leanne speaks and mentors internationally on creating a blissful, healthy and abundant life. Leanne is also one of the leading direct selling experts internationally. She has been featured on television, radio and in print throughout North America and is thrilled to be sharing her wisdom with you!