Just because you know about the Law of Attraction doesn’t mean instant healing miracles with your body. Can you turn around a health issue fast? YES! But changing your thoughts and habits takes practice. If there is something that’s not working or looking well, it’s a bit hard to escape the reality of it because you carry your body around with you every day.

The following cheat sheet for manifesting infallible health will come in handy. For best results post these tips on your mirror, keep by your bedside and tattooed to your forehead.

1. Decide what it is exactly that you want to change. It doesn’t matter if the condition has been occurring for most of your life or it’s recent. It doesn’t matter if a doctor has given you a bleak prognosis. You CAN turn it around, but you must believe that you have the power to change the condition. This is key. This part may take some practice. Be easy on yourself in the process.

2. Acknowledge that your current state of health is temporary. You’re a work in progress, not stuck in any condition. Your body follows your thoughts. It is possible to experience positive evidence of progress immediately after you start changing your beliefs. If you feel stuck with a condition, you will be stuck with it. If you feel freedom with your body, you will have that. Choose freedom.

3. You‘re in control of your health. Your body is not doing something to you. It does not have a mind of its own. It simply follows your lead. Are you loving it or being irritated with it? It knows. If you feel like a victim or afraid that disease will get you, you’ll feel powerless. What are your dominant thoughts about your health? This will tell you why you’re feeling or seeing the current results of your body. Notice I said “current.” You are your own best authority on what your body needs. Have you been listening?

4. Most health issues are directly linked to other issues in your life. Several years back I broke my elbow and had surgery. Was I focused on breaking a bone? NO! But I was rushing, stressed out and not taking care of myself. Find out what’s causing you discomfort in your life. Look at your relationships, bank accounts, work and how much fun you’re having. Finding solutions that lead to more peace will positively impact your health. Remember dis-ease causes disease. Soothe your mind and your body will start self-correcting.

5. Love your body, even with its imperfections. You must appreciate what’s working well. Find anything at all that you can be grateful for regarding your bod. Create a loving relationship with it. How do you treat your friends when they are in need of some support?

6. There are no rules to perfect health. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to eat right, exercise, stand on your head, avoid preservatives and keep away from smog. You must follow your own guidance about what is right for you. Whatever you believe about health, you will be right. I exercise because it helps me relax. If I don’t feel like it, I don’t do it. Relaxing, breathing and drinking water are the only health actions I stand firm about. If there aren’t any rules then there’s no way you can fail or beat yourself up about what you did or didn’t do! Freedom.

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