The most overlooked quality that makes or breaks your career success is not luck, but personal timing.

We’re not referring to electional astrology and numerology, where you utilize auspicious universal indicators such as a New Moon or 1 Universal Month to launch a new product or incorporate a business. Our findings tell us that personal timing, which is different for everyone, is much more important.

Examine the career successes and failures of 100 smart, capable, equally experienced and disciplined entrepreneurs, and you'll ask yourself why some have such an easy time with career success and others endure multiple failures.

Eliminating the obvious, such as personality flaws (red flag issues such as domineering tendencies, vanity, anger, drug and alcohol issues, etc.), or the subconscious fear of success, or poor leadership ability, for example, there still exists an overlooked quality that makes or breaks career success.

Furthermore, it’s unexplainable by modern science, including psychology and almost all the experts.

Conventional wisdom dictates several common sense items that make or break your career, including the following: you must get the appropriate formal education, or related training and necessary experience; you must work hard every day; you must be persuasive enough to influence others to get what you desire; and you must be at least as savvy as your competition.

Just put yourself out there, work toward your career goals and if you make the right decisions, you'll be one of the best in your field. Easy, right? Not so fast.

Almost everyone encounters career problems from time to time involving things you can't change, such as the actions of others (e.g., your employees and customers), economic slumps, and negative industry trends. At times, no matter how much effort put into your livelihood, things just don't go as planned.

Anyone can make the right decisions, from the beginning, right? No. Person A turns right, Person B turns left, as dictated by their respective predetermined personal fate (represented in the astrology and numerology patterns). Both are equally qualified and intelligent, but turning right happened to be the winning path in that particular field.

We believe it isn't luck that makes career success. In the example directly above, our findings show time and time again that people like Person A innately possess good career success karma, reflected by favorable personal timing and related natal patterns.

It doesn't mean that person B was a bad person in a prior life, but he or she may not have completed the necessary steps in prior incarnations to earn the right to the sort of success that Person A enjoys.

By the way, failure isn't always about negative karma. He or she may have done the necessary work in past lives but decided (on a soul level, not personality) to endure career challenges this time around for spiritual growth and, or the innate experience that may be used for his or her benefit in future incarnations, or the experience may be for some other reason. Ultimately, each person endures the experiences (both rewarding and challenging) exactly as their soul intends.

One person may have fantastic career success, the next may have wonderful love life success, and the next may benefit from magnificent friendships and family relationships, with little or no strife. Rarely does one person have it all if you look beyond the surface (i.e., you can't discern the actual circumstances and behind the scenes reality of a person's life through Facebook, or a tabloid article created by a publicist).

Fate and karma are best considered from a very wide scope, as in lifetimes, instead of only part of your current life. It’s one sure way to make sense of the unexplained in life. Your intentions, thoughts, and actions now serve to shape the circumstances of your future lives.

Your unique collective timing and natal patterns, outlined by comprehensive astrology and numerology, symbolize the main circumstances and events of your life, including career. Extremes are easy to identify. In our proprietary systems of analysis, massive collections of red-flag career factors in a subject's charts represent major career problems. Sometimes the rough timing is short-lived, sometimes it lasts a long time.

Unfortunately, you can’t change your collective timing, no matter how inspired you get. Our findings firmly tell us that your personal timing is part of your predetermination. In other words, your timing reflects your fate (or destiny–same exact meaning–that which you can’t change about your life).

But you can change how you view your life circumstances, and you can maximize your resourcefulness to mitigate the challenges in life and make the most of the rewards.

Our theories aren't rooted in guesswork. Our philosophies are the result of long-term empirical research. For over twenty years we’ve scrutinized comprehensive astrology and numerology charts while observing the representative life circumstances (past and present) of thousands of individuals. The recurring and constant repetition of patterns symbolizing the events and circumstances in people’s lives has convinced us career and other life challenges have a lot to do with personal timing.

It’s okay to have believed the myth that all it takes is luck and some effort to have a rewarding career, but now you know better. If your career timing is terrible right now, have faith. Bad career timing often doesn’t last forever, and while you endure it, try to focus on other parts of your life to prepare for better times.

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