I’m just as guilty as everyone else, working in my business, not on my business. I can go further and say that I spend a lot of time working on my client’s business, and not in my business. I love what I do; it’s an occupational hazard.

From time to time, however, I like to sit down and think about what I could do better – not necessarily different but better. Here’s my top 10:

1. I would take a look at my communication. Are my emails, documents, agreements as clear as they can be? Are my documents too formal, or perhaps not formal enough? Do my clients feel that they know exactly what to expect when partnering with us?

2. What can I streamline? Here at PMA, we use Basecamp for communication within and outside of the team, along with a storage vehicle for documents and sharing files. What’s brilliant about a project management system, such as Basecamp, is everyone has access to everything they need, without asking. It’s worked for us for a long time now; I can’t imagine life without it!

3. I also want to streamline communication outside of our team, but with prospects as well. Infusionsoft is, obviously, my platform of choice, so we’re in the process of picking apart our communications and adding more value to our regular mailings.

4. Speaking of value – we also want to build relationships with our prospects, and changing up our Lead Magnets is the perfect way to keep providing value, and continuing to highlight our amazing team here at PMA, and what they do exceeding well. Our latest offering helps clients revamp their website, if you’re curious, send us an email anytime, we’d love to share it with you.

5. We’ve committed to blog weekly, and post regularly on social media. But beyond that, I spend much more time interacting with followers then I do scheduling and posting content. I’ve committed to putting the social back into social media.

6. I’ve also committed to expanding my skillset, taking courses on Udemy. Over a weekend, I can learn new skills, or refresh an old one. If you haven’t checked it out, it’s brilliant. Continuing education is a big priority for me, and its something I need to commit to doing better.

7. Further to this, I’m going to encourage my team to do the same. Continuing education is imperative for growth, personal, and professional. Leading by example is the best next step.

8. I’ve also been looking at our customer service, how quickly are we responding to client requests or concerns? How soon do we reach out to web inquiries?

9. We’re also cleaning up our website, stay tuned for the big reveal! Our team is growing, and so is their skillset. I’m thrilled to be able to feature more of what we do on our site. But its not just about content, we needed a fresh, modern look. I think our new site will achieve what I’m looking for.

10. Lastly, I’m going to find more ways to take a break from “in” my business. I feel that there’s something hugely creative on the horizon for PMA, and I’m excited to dive in, create, and implement the plan.

What little changes can you commit to doing to take your business from better to best?

By Peggy Murrah, Founder of PMA Web Services

Author's Bio: 

Peggy Murrah is a unique combination of web and marketing savvy, along with dependability and resourcefulness. These qualities have been instrumental in her building a successful business that serves clientele across five continents. PMA Web Services provides marketing direction and strategies for entrepreneurs through mentoring, social media marketing, list building and management, and development/maintenance of their online presence.