This just in, you report to a human being!

Whether or not she lets you see her human side or not, she has pressures, stresses, fears, and insecurities just like you do. So don’t think for a minute that just because someone has a director or a vice-president in their title that they have no worries.

Take the time the time to understand the likes and dislikes of your management and do what you can to cater to them. There are some easy things you can do that some of the people around you are not doing.

If you are asked to do your status report in a specific format, please do it. If you are asked to hand in your status report by a certain date and time, please do it. In turn, your manager has to have her status report in by a certain date and time. Guess what? She needs your status to complete her status. So her request to you is not some random request.

Think about it. I'm asking you to give your management common courtesy. I'm asking you to do that whether or not you feel they extend the same to courtesy to you because I always want you to be the ultimate professional.

Be mindful and be thoughtful. How you act and what you produce on the job impacts your management and your co-workers too. As you are moving forward and you're completing deliverables and you're attending meetings and you're helping customers, how are your actions serving others? You want to be happy. You want to be treated with respect, so does your management. And don’t you respond well when you're treated with respect? Of course you do. So will the people you work for.

Be compassionate. You report to a person, a human being.

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