‘We all have flaws. Nobody is perfect.’

In a distant village of China, the water was miles away. So people would carry water having two pots hanged with a pole. One of the two pots had a crack while the other was perfectly made. For two years, the poor lady had been carrying the water at her home having the full amount of water from the intact pot and half amount from the pot with the crack. Day by day, the pot with the crack was feeling uncomfortable. The lady had been walking miles away to bring water and the result was less water than she wanted because of the pot with the crack. The pot was ashamed of being able to accomplish only half of its duty. It felt like a failure. One morning, it took all its courage and told the lady: "I am ashamed of not being able to help you and you arrive home with half of the water."

The poor lady answered to the pot: "Have you ever noticed that at your side of the road, flowers have blossomed? I knew from the beginning that you had that crack and I decided to throw some seeds. For all these two years, I come home with a bouquet of flowers, which makes our table and the whole house look more beautiful, because of you. Without your own crack, there would be no flowers. Thank you for that. ".

We all have flaws. Nobody is perfect. Imagine how boring the world would be if everyone was perfect. Our beauty hides in our cracks. Each one of your cracks depending on how you see and use it could bring back flowers.
What are these flaws? How could you see them as advantages?

Do you feel irritated by the way other people treat you? How could you see the others’ flaws as a part of yourself and accept them as it is?
I suggest that you start from yourself. It is a difficult journey to accept ourselves but the rewards are great. So what kind of flowers will you create?
Be unique!
Jill Douka

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“Jill Douka supports people to take action, feel secure and get the greatest value from their future. She is a coach, workshop leader and author, lives in Athens, Greece, next to the sea, working with clients from 3 continents. She is the founder of http://www.uniquenessdevelopmentgroup.com”