This article represents a series of e-mails I had with a person about their personal power. - Frederick Zappone

Comment: No matter what I do, I can't make my dreams come true. The harder I work at making my dreams come true, the less results I achieve. My dream is to be a master salesman on the internet and sell millions of dollars worth of the products I create. I have promoted, advertised, done everything I know to do and still people are not buying my products in great quantities. The people who have bought my products tell me they are the best ever. They tell me they are pure genius. And yet after 10 years of doing everything I know to do to successfully market my products, I have little to show for it except for less money than I had in the beginning. What am I do wrong?

Response: It is not so much what you are doing wrong, it's not recognizing that you are so powerful that by the power of your thoughts alone you have stopped millions of people from buying your products.

Comment: What do you mean?

Response: Don't you see that nothing or no one is stopping you from selling millions of dollars worth of your products but you?

Comment: I don't see that. People are not buying my products.

Response: So you blame them for not buying?

Comment: Well yes, I guess I do... I am doing all the things I am suppose to do to sell my products. I am doing all the marketing and advertising work that successful people in my field do and still no results.

Response: It is not what you do that is the problem, it is what you think. Your thoughts are pushing away and stopping people from buying your products, that is how incredibly powerful you are.

Comment: If I am that incredibly powerful then I must be incredibly stupid not to understand that it is me stopping myself from selling millions of dollars worth of my products to people.

Response: The truth shall set you free but first it will piss you off. This is going to be one of those times for you. The truth is, you are incredibly stupid. You are stupid beyond belief when it comes to your problem. You take no responsibility for your failure, you blame other people. Other people have nothing to do with your failure, you are so POWERFUL that you are stopping people, by the power of your thoughts alone, from buying your products in great quantities. I have seen your products, I have seen how you market them. Everything you do is excellent except for one thing, the ENERGY coming from your marketing efforts and products PUSHES me away from them...

Comment: My energy pushes you away from my products?

Response: Yes, because you don't really believe you are worthy of success, you put negative energetic thoughts into everything you create that guarantees that no matter what you do, you will fail.

Comment: What can I do to turn this around.

Response: Stop blaming other people and yourself and fully grasp that you are SO POWERFUL that by your thoughts alone you have stopped people from buying your products.

Comment: That is tough to grasp.

Response: For you that true because you are so used to blaming other people, yourself or God for your failures. All blaming does is robs you of your power and stops you from seeing you are sooooooo powerful that by your thoughts alone you have stopped people from buy your products and services.

Comment: I am that powerful, huh?

Response: Absolutely!

You do know that blaming others (or yourself) robs you of your personal power. There is no power in blaming, only a loss of power. It seems you have lost touch with so much of your power that is is hard for you to comprehend that by your thoughts alone you have stopped yourself from achieving the success you want..

Comment: By my thoughts alone, huh?

Response: Yes. According to your thoughts so shall it be...and it always is.. Everything in life is created twice, first mentally, then physically. You have mis-created what you want in your mind and until you see yourself as successful as you want to be in your mind's eye (imagination) as a done deal, there is no chance in hell that the success you want will ever manifest itself into your physical reality.

Comment: You have given me a lot to think about. I will e-mail you again, soon.

Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life

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Frederick Zappone is a Western PA native and the former VP of a nationally known company. He has spent over twenty-five years showing people on how to make their dreams come true using easy to understand self-help methods and techniques that produce amazing results in a very short period of time.