When making arrangements for your ANDALUCIA VILLAS why not, at the same time, learn more about your holiday destination? The heart and soul of Spain must be centred in Andalucia. All that is needed to appreciate this beautiful place is to know something about its past inhabitants including the ancient Iberian tribes: Celtics, Jews, Tartessians, Iberians, Turdetans and the Etruscans. There were those considered to be silver seekers: the Phoenicians, Greeks and the Carthaginians. The most influential of the lot where the conquerors starting with the Romans, Suebis, Vandals, Alans, Visigoths and the most influential were the Moors.

The geography of Spain and the history of Andalucia go hand in hand at the same time becoming the driving force in creating the Iberian Peninsula. The biggest instigator in shaping the divisions of Hispania was the Romans. Have you ever wondered why and how the history of Andalucia became separate from Portugal and part of the Iberian Peninsula? The historic Cordoba was at one time the capital of the Baetica province. Cordoba was the capital of al-Andalus containing most of Spain which made Cordoba a leading world capital. At this time it became wealthier, exemplary in education and holder of a culture all of which surpassed London or Paris as well as technology during this period of time.

It’s hard to separate the geographical history of Andalucia from what we know as the Kingdom of Spain, if you look on an ancient map, as Andalucia encompasses most of Spain. When talking about how the Kingdom of Spain was formed we are talking about how Andalucia was formed.

To appreciate the past art and architecture left behind by each civilization in this region, start with what the Romans contributed. Some of the magnificent ruins include Roman art as well as architecture that are well preserved. The best place to observe these examples is at the Roman sites of Italica near Seville. It is no longer an inhabited city but in its day it was fantastic in its lay out and the architecture during the Roman period.

When it comes to World Heritage Sites to visit from your ANDALUCIA VILLAS there are six: the most outstanding is the Alhambra in Granada and its architecture. Cordoba was home to the first Islamic monument: the Cordoba Mosque. This was to be only the beginning of an art and architecture movement that would greatly influence the styles of future architects as well as the artists.

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