“If you fail to be a lizard in your own land, you will fail to be a crocodile in another land.” – Akan proverb

In today’s world, the essence of the individual is at the centre of conversations and the forefront of design and production. All around you, everything is about you. The whole universe is being mobilised, structured and empowered to respond to you and your ideals. The great change of our day is positively skewed in your favour. And why not, you are the most important person in your world.

It is a renaissance about you; and it is challenging you to empty yourself out of yourself in order to become the person you are capable of being. Are you seizing the opportunity? Or are you so addicted to your old self that you are using the change to entrench your status quo? If over the last year, change has not challenged your convictions; then you have not gained deeper insights about your beliefs and yourself. And, with all honesty you have wasted a year of your life.

The antics of change are such that you cannot continue to be the same person over and over again throughout your life. It demands that you unearth your prowess and together with your soul engineer a future for it. Otherwise, every time you learn to live life, it changes and you have to learn to live it again. This is the politics of change; and its inevitable influence depends on how you create and treat yourself. When you positively create and treat yourself as a king, the world responds likewise. The reason, it is your universe and you are in charge.

Your very existence is a purpose. Therefore, believe in yourself. Listen a lot more to yourself. Inside you, you have all what it takes to actualise your ideals and shape tomorrow. Those powers are derived from the consent of your thoughts. Your mind institutes your values and aspirations, laying its foundation on the desires of your heart and organizing its powers in such form, as to positively affect your attitude. Thus you ought to periodically reset your mindset.

How often do you follow your guts, that small voice that prompts you on what to do in any situation? Or you are one of those who look up to others and do as they say. You were born to be you and nobody else. You can learn from others, but you should never aspire to be like them for you cannot become like anyone. Your uniqueness is priceless. It has been endowed on you by your Creator. And within it, lie the attitude and inspiration you need to create the idealism you have always dreamed about.

What does your mind tell you about you? You have also got to be responsible for yourself. It entails finding meaning in you and caring about you. It is time to stop looking unto others to establish who you are and how you should behave. It is your universe, not theirs. So stop subscribing to what others say about you. Excuse my French, but most of these people are self-centered tricksters who use you to boast their egos.

Please understand that hidden inside you, is a very beautiful you. To bring it out, you have to come face to face with yourself. You have to dare to sculpt away the unwanted parts and add-ons you copied blindly from other people. You have to learn to appreciate you. The art of appreciating you; is an act of affirming life’s gifts to you. It gives you a heightened sense of the value of yourself. And this gives you the courage to feel the vibrancy and newness of your thoughts and actions. It is a means to discover the wealth of ideas, opportunities and possibilities that revolves round your universe – the ‘youniverse.’

The stage is set and the time is ripe to unhinge your wings and turn your dreams into reality. It is time to stop fantasizing and get your hands dirty. It is time to make a difference and generate positivism. It is time to bring out the best in yourself and the very best in others. It is time to take charge and create a beautiful world. It is time to love and be loved. It is time to visualise the horizon through a new binoculars. Put simply, it is time to showcase the ‘youniverse’ and let the world live in it.

Author's Bio: 

Kodwo Brumpon is a strategist, author and trainer who speaks to corporate and public audiences on personal and professional development, discussing such topics as attitude, leadership, strategy, selling, positivism, problem solving and self-esteem.