How many years have you been on Instagram? Are you at 10,000 followers total yet? How about 100,000, a million, or 10 million? How about even more? Viral influencer Alex Smetana has blown through all of these milestones and reached an extraordinary 14 million followers in his network of Instagram pages.

Many of these are focused on memes and viral content, due to those being some of the most sure-fire ways to see explosive growth. After Alex figured out the formula for what gets people to like, comment, and share content, as well as follow an account sharing that content, his success became guaranteed. Since it’s essentially a formula, he has been able to replicate his success across several Instagram pages he manages.

Being just 20 years old, Alex hasn't been at this for a long time. In fact, he got his start when he was 15. Ever the entrepreneur, he has identified an opportunity way back then and learned how to capitalize on it. There have been successes and failures, which have been integral to helping him refine his growth hacking strategy for viral content.

Alex loves being his own boss and running his own marketing agency. However, he does admit that it can sometimes be challenging to be your own boss. In fact, he sees this as the hardest part of being an entrepreneur. After all, you are saddled with the responsibility of making sure all expenses get paid while still having enough to cover your living expenses. You end up being the person who needs to stay up-to-date on the latest information in your niche so that you always maintain your edge against the competition.

Social media platforms like Instagram regularly update their algorithms, which are responsible for deciding what content users see. With each update comes the possibility of a growth strategy you used previously not working anymore. It can be challenging to stay on top of the changes, especially since Instagram doesn't usually come out and say how their algorithm changed.

Overall, Alex tells people that the cardinal rule of Instagram success is creating content people enjoy. This ensures it becomes highly engaged with and reaches the coveted Explore page. From there, it’s easy to go viral.

By looking at social media as a moneymaking opportunity early on, Alex was able to achieve financial freedom at a very young age. His success story is something that can be duplicated when you become committed to succeeding as a social media marketer and viral influencer. It's not that uncommon to earn six and seven figures by running massive Instagram pages.

Alex enjoys helping others achieve the same kind of success he has. That’s why he has been supporting the growth of many brands and influencers through his digital marketing agency. If you want help becoming successful on Instagram, then send a DM to Alex through his personal IG page and start your journey.

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