My name is Clarence, O.; I am 18 years old. My objective is to become successful in business, my career, life and work. I would love to work for your company.

My attributes include that of being a very honest and trustworthy person. Respect for All Persons is of great importance to me. Besides being a very easy person to get to know and work with, I always have a positive attitude. I am always willing to meet new people.

My work ethic is one of being nice, respectful, and dependable. I am an extremely reliable individual; doing whatever it takes to legally/ethically/morally get the job done.

I am pretty much good with my hands; working in a hands-on environment is a big plus. I attend Midwest Technical Institute pursuing a career as a HVAC/R Technician. Yet my Real Passion is to learn a business from the ground-up; ultimately to become Field Operations Manager. Eventually, the goal is to have my own company.

Bottom-line, businesses within the Greater Peoria Area and surrounding communities, looking for their Next Apprentice to ultimately lead their company, should contact me ASAP. I am not looking for a job; I am searching for a career-minded company in which to contribute and make my mark.

Moving from Success to Significance!
~Sincerely, Clarence, O. (written Nov 2010)

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Clarence, O. wrote and posted this letter (draft) on the eResumes4Vips website. After 'tweaking' his prose, I quickly discovered that this young man has a burning passion for work. he is a Diamond-in-the-Rough! It is emotionally-amazing to see young people today such as Clarence. I'm Encouraged!