Those of you who've followed my teachings on "The Genesis Gap" (an Old Earth Creationism View), know this to be an important subject to me, that I have taught for about 38 years (as of year 2020). Why the importance to me? It is simply this; I know for a fact that there are many people, possibly millions who reject The Holy Bible as myth and fairy tales for a reason very important to them. They simply cannot accept the beginnings part of The Scriptures, which obviously means they will also not accept the rest of the cannon of books The Bible contains. The reason for this rejection of belief, is due to their being told to ignore the Mount Everest of proof the earth and especially the universe are extremely ancient. [Readers please note that while this doctrine passes scriptural rules and even common sense ones, it is still a necessity for me to add reminder, that all scripture studies, should and do come under reasonable scrutiny. This should be the stance for every Christian.]

My inspiration for addressing this subject again, this time is based on a History Channel program centering on projects headed by an excellent author and minister - Ken Ham. I found strong concern with some of what the History Channel people were reporting about these projects. Reverend Ham has the website "Answers in Genesis" and he is curator of a young earth creationism museum and the building of somewhat a replica of Noah's Ark. I know there would be things in both projects I would enjoy and I mean that sincerely. I also believe Reverend Ham is an excellent writer and I agree with much of what he and his other writing staff on his website, have to say. The thing is, that people are asked to ignore the obvious and "accept by faith" the ministry's claims that all of creation is about 6,000 years old. There were actually former Christians, who rejected their faith as they testified about how these new earth projects caused a stumbling block to their faith in God's Word.

I personally believe the domain of Adam and Eve (mankind), really is only approximately 6,000 years old. I also believe in the six literal 24 hour days - Genesis narrative (God rested on the 7th day - Sabbath). I do not believe in anything of an evolution/creation mix, such as "Theistic Evolution". I do however, at the same time believe that demons/satanic spirits, such as those Jesus dealt with during his earthly ministry rebelled at some point in the distant past. There are actually still demons who are incarcerated in the bottomless pit, whom shall be released during the final judgements on earth, that are yet to come (Revelation Chapter 9). To say God created demon spirits, is tantamount to breaking a very serious admonition by Jesus, not to apply satanic things to God or vice versa (Luke 11: 14-28). The reason there is no direct mention of the creation of Hell/Bottomless Pit or of the original incarceration of fallen angels in the Genesis narrative, is because it occurred before Adam's domain was made/created. Please hear much more on this intriguing subject, in the audio at this link:

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I am a graduate of Liberty University (1996) for completion of theological studies. Bible studies are one of my most-covered book-subjects. I am however, careful to only address those subjects I believe God has given me correct revelation on. I was a Christian Youth Minister, beginning in the 1980s for approximately 20 years (between youth ministries I served in other church capacities as well). I was also a guest speaker to churches, who invited me to present important Bible teachings to their evangelical congregations, during those same years. I am a redeemed man, who has received salvation by acceptance of Jesus Christ and what he did for me in shedding his blood and dying for me on the cross and in his resurrection from the dead, giving me the promise of eternal life, purely by grace (not due to anything I have done, other than to accept it freely).