Healing your life is really easy. It's simple to do when you are ready for permanent changes and willing to commit to living a new way. You must be ready to let go of the old story, you know, the story you tell everyone you meet who will listen.

The old story that details every pain, every hurt, every trauma has to be released so that a new story can begin. You can only live joy or pain. It is impossible to bring forth happiness when staying focused on pain. It's equally impossible to bring for wealth when all your attention is on poverty.

You realize this with your intellectually but the intellect will not afford you the changes that must take place in order for the changes to remain with you long enough to become habit.

Habits are the controlling factors in life. We often call these beliefs as they have been thought and acted on so long that they are now ingrained in our behaviors.
You learned as a child how to “react” to life and you've been doing that all these years. You've proven to yourself over and over again that your beliefs are true.

You now find yourself at a place of not enjoying how you life is working for you. Distress and aggravation plague you day in and day out and you cry out for things to change but they never do. The reason for this is your beliefs. Until these change nothing else will.

Beliefs are held onto tightly by the subconscious. They are the programs running on automatic much like the programs on your computers' hard drive. Without reformatting your inner hard drive the beliefs stay at the core of your operating system and continue bringing more of the same into your life.

The subconscious is the perfect operating system for us. Once something is programed in it stays there until you uninstall it and replace it with another program or belief system. The beliefs that you are running now have been with you a long time and will not go without your connection to the subconscious where you can write in a different system by which to operate your life.

Most people are attempting to reprogram their belief system by using the conscious mind. They read every self help book they can find, watch movies, even work with a coach in an attempt to find something, anything that will help them install new beliefs.

It will not work this way. The conscious will not program you beliefs easily, although if you have years to devote to affirmations you might over a long period of time make some head way. There is a much easier way to work through the systems in place.

You must access the subconscious mind directly and reprogram from there. I know this is radical and goes against what most people are teaching today. Let me ask you, has it worked for you?

If it hasn't worked yet I suggest you continue reading here for more information.

Author's Bio: 

Donna DeVane is a certified GIYAME shamanic energy healer working with people to heal their lives. Donna's work promotes self empowerment, healing the past, being in the present moment. Through her writing, teaching, radio show and coaching she lives her passion.. helping others be happy and fulfilled.