Karma can be viewed as a spiritual and material cause-and-effect cycle that leads the human soul through one or more embodiments.

Authentic written sources throughout history relate how the actions of people affect their lives, and then reflect on the future rebirthing of their soul and its chain of reincarnations.

One of the most ancient celebrated sacred writings in the world is The Book of the Dead. The Egyptians honored Universal Spirit and the Divine power within every soul. They believed in life after death. This passage from the book is a glimpse into their knowledge: “How long… have I to live? [Answer:] It is decreed that thou shalt live for millions of millions years. [Osiris:] May it be granted unto me that I pass on unto the holy princes, for indeed, I am doing away with all the wrong which I did, from the time when this earth came into being.”

Many past and current events can be explained by looking at the actions of a person or a group of people in past lives. Similarly, we could analyze the possibility of the current deeds of a human being influencing the future, including events that may take place after his/her physical death.

Karma is the law of human actions. Nobody on the earth has been able to bypass the process of one’s karma without regular scrutiny of one's actions. For instance, people often try to adjust the meaning or laws of karma to their needs through manipulating relatives, colleagues, friends, etc., or by rationalizing their actions. But this doesn’t work.

Unless we realize the ramifications of our choices and analyze the possible outcomes of our actions, we will not awaken to the fact that we can change our karma – either consciously or subconsciously.

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"Symphony of Your Karma"

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