In this article we will point out some important factors that must be in your height program if you want to grow taller. We will talk about some over looked key points that will make everything come together and help you gain some extra height.

You have heard of the basics of growing taller which are eating right, doing stretching exercising, getting good rest, and having good posture. These are no doubt very essential, but have you heard about the key ingredient that brings it all together?

Without this key ingredient you could get all the sleep, exercise, and proper nutrition in the world, but you will see little to no results if this key ingredient is missing. So what is this missing ingredient that makes everything work? This missing ingredient is water!

You may have heard about it, but normally it is not talked about and it is overlooked. The funny thing is that it makes everything work!

When someone goes in for emergency the first thing the doctors do is hydrate them, because they understand if the body is not properly hydrated all their work will avail to nothing. So when you are on your way to growing taller and you are doing everything except drinking enough water you will not see much if any results.

Did you know that 70% of our bodies is water, and 22% of the bones are water? So in order for you to give your body the best chances of growing taller you must be drinking enough water on a daily basis.

The question is how much water do I drink? Some say eight glasses a day, but this is not correct. If someone weighed 700 pounds and I told them to drink 8 glasses a day, they would die of thirst!

All you have to do is divide your weight by 2 and that's how much ounces of water YOUR body requires every day. For example, if I weight 170 pounds all I would do is divide that by 2 and thats how much water I need. 170/2 = 85. So I would need 85 ounces of water a day, this is a little more than 8 glasses.

Now do you see why some people fail to grow taller? They do everything but the one thing that makes it work. So as you do your stretching exercises and the other things on your height program, make sure to drink enough water because it brings everything together and makes everything work!

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