About the Book:

Michael, a serial killer, is bred to be an obedient sex object who satisfies the needs of his female captors who are called, specialists. These specialists are found in any town in the world. They control men and women and nurture them to be personal sex slaves. The specialists view their lifestyle as normal and question why the rest of humanity is so secretive and prudish when it comes to sex. These specialists reach out to offer their lifestyle to everyone wanting to become uninhibited and enjoy the secrets of sex.
In satisfying their sexual desires, specialists teach their kind of sex to female apprentices who are raised to be experts in their sex control over men. Their golden rule is that the men obey or else.

The specialists are taught that using sex to control a man is the pinnacle of success for a woman. A thrilling act of sex preformed on a man is fun and the specialists reach orgasms when they hear any man who is approaching his climax beg for more sex. In a specialist's mind, control of a man is to make a man so happy that he absolutely has to receive more of what she is doing to him. The happiness is so extreme that the male is 100% submissive. At this point, specialists invoke their punishment of 'denial of male orgasm' to make him beg and plea but they have restrained him physically and mentally and he cannot do anything. His very submission makes him incapable of even wanting to leave. Specialists allow him to reach out to them but he cannot touch them or himself. It is beautiful for the specialists to watch. His movements become involuntary as his peter jumps and wiggles. The specialists laugh and proclaim.

"We keep 'um hard forever. The male has to have this loving treatment."

This particular class of specialists enjoys sex 24 hours a day.

From his early teens, Michael received his male training from his mentor, Uncle Jake, who is the head of his family of specialists in Los Angeles. Uncle Jake is the specialist's favorite and he is their King. Uncle Jake has made all the right moves in society and he teaches Michael all the good and the bad as to what a man should do on this Earth. He explains to Michael that he is raising Michael just like his own Uncle Jimmy had raised him. Uncle Jake makes promises to Michael, that in due time, Michael could become the new family head. Uncle Jake emphasizes that this family is the best of all the families and that Michael needs to learn the approval and disapproval process utilized in selecting female applicants wanting to be in the family. Michael learns the value of secrecy and proper disposal. All of this knowledge that Michael learns affects his behavior and many times forces him to reflect back on his dreaded past.

Since the beginning of time, people wonder about what makes a serial killer's mind tick. What do people have to watch out for in regard to these particular killers? What is weird about your next door neighbor and could your next door neighbor be a serial killer?

Michael's personality traits combined with the specialists' demands put together a provoking package that prompts Michael to take a shot at freedom. Through no fault of his own, Michael becomes a killer and he begs for his Uncle Jake's permission to leave the family. With caveats, Uncle Jake agrees and they enter a gentleman's contract.

Michael has a craving to care for other people's needs and, at the same time, satisfy his own needs. Michael hates his life and, in his own mind, his survival warrants revenge.

The final questions remain. Can Michael be captured?

Are there any women who escape Michael’s wrath? What would cause Michael to release women?

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Author's Bio: 

About the Author:
I. R. WEIRD was born in the Atchafalaya Swamp south of Lafayette, Louisiana on August 15, 1987. During the early ten years of his life, the only playmates he had were the roughneck oil drillers, the alligators and the water moccasins. With these kinds of friends, IR learned right off the bat how to survive. The oil drillers taught him how to slice, slash and stab before asking any questions. This education was real helpful because, like with the snakes and 'gators, he would laugh as he watched them twitch while his knife stabbed, slashed and sliced as he prepared them up for dinner.