The best thing for you to be a successful person no matter what your station in life may be as at this very moment is to have a sober reflection on your divine endowment and invest it to the best of your ability since it is quite enough to sustain you all your life. There are many people out there who always hold on to a very strong erroneous belief that it is only when they must wait to have all that is necessary for a good living pursuit before they can make an impact in both their immediate and remote environment. Sure they will have to wait till the eternity.

Having enough to meet all our needs only requires management and planning, this means that in whatever industry you are engaged in either in the private or public sector of the economy, you cannot do without adequate and sound guiding principles that you must follow to the letter. The major problem with some people is that they have never cultivated the habit of going to the drawing board and work on both the merit and demerit of their projects at hand and not being mindful of the fact that they are the architects of their fortunes and misfortunes.

To buttress the fact that you have enough to meet all your needs, there is a friend of mine who at the beginning of 1992 only had just an equivalent of US$80 having been laid off from a company where he hard worked as sales manager for more than 15 years. That was in the previous month of December 1991. Since he realized that getting another employment could not be a child’s play and he did not want to join the labor market where the issue of survival is as hard a rock, he just summoned courage and plunged himself into buying and selling of books.

After paying about $50 for a year rent for the shop he hired, all he had left was just less than $30 with which he purchased few books and before long, buying and selling went on in earnest and in not less than four years, he had a good turning point because of his sound management and prudent spending.

At a point in time, he ventured into the murky water of Nigerian politics without any prior practical experience or an inevitable godfather while the only person he could hold on to as an aspiration was a glaringly unlettered old ward chairman that lived behind his bookshop. He moved closer to the later who eventually introduced him to the members in the area and starting well with them and taking part in all their activities, he ended up in bagging the major political office as the Deputy Speaker of the House of Assembly.

Today, our friend now sits as the head of an international conglomerate with several million US Dollars as assets out of the meager $80 he started business with in January 1992. The point here is that you should start where you are with what you have no matter how little. It is quite obvious that certain economic and money making gaps are opened in your environment and all you have to do is to fill them up with your God given ingenuity. What are the most inevitable needs of the people in your surroundings just find a way to serve them and before you know it your little meaningless efforts, will become a life sustaining venture.

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