Ever notice how we refer to our social and political institutions? Yes we, have a particular way in which we refer to or speak of our institutions. For example, lately we all have been making statements regarding our political institution, you know the one “Government”.

For the most part our social and political institutions are powerful entities. When we refer to these powerful entities we speak as if “it” is a living breathing thing that functions independently of human hands and minds. We speak as if “it” dictates the direction of our Nation. It’s true, we make statements such as; “the government needs to fix this, “government should do that”. Sometimes we become bold and stand up to “government”, go people!

The point here is; government doesn’t operate itself, when a new piece of legislation passes government has the ability to adjust effortlessly, while we scramble. Now when it comes to the “Business”, entity the rules are a little different, it functions according to you.

Business will not do a thing until you tell it to do so. Business is very loyal “it” will stay with you until the bitter end. Not only that “business” has the uncanny ability to reveal all of your shortcomings, fears, doubts and lack of whatever it is, you lack; be it skills, qualifications, money and so on. Here’s an example, you have started your business right? In your mind, you have visualized exactly what you what to offer the world. You have completed your business blueprint, the ultimate plan, stocked up on office supplies and, designed your website. And now, you are ready to go!

“Business” sits by patiently, “its” joins in on your excitement and encourages you to push that website publish button, let’s get the show on the road! You try to push the button but, you hesitate every time. That’s when business without saying a word brings to your attention that you have a fear of something. Then “business” does only what a true friend would do. “It seats there with you, for as long as it takes for you, to get over your fear. And as an entrepreneur you know the passion you have for your business is always within because, it could possibly be the one idea, “government” may have to adjust to and “business” knows it.

That’s why “business” points out your shortcomings and will not allow you to move forward until you face all of your fears, gain the knowledge you need, acquire more skills and completely believe in your dream. So back to the question: Did You Start Your Business? Or Did Business Start You?

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Denise Franklin, Author
Member of Stanford Who's Who