You should never be happy all the time. And this is perfectly fine.

You might be surprised after reading it because everything that you have been longing for your entire life is to be happy. And you sincerely want it to be a full-time thing.

But the truth is that happiness can be harmful when it comes to enjoying your life to the fullest for many reasons. You might haven’t thought about it yet, but you will see how it happens and why it can damage your emotional balance.

The pressure for happiness makes us very unhappy

For starters. We feel that if we aren’t happy all the time that is because something is missing in our lives. We read princess stories and hear about “happily ever after” and think that happiness can be constant and endless. We watch TV and see all those happy families selling cereals and think that is what happens in real life.

And, nowadays, there is an extra factor on this matter. Social media is a daily thing in our lives, and everybody with an account on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram seems to be living in a party on a daily basis. Smiles, and drinks, and relationships and new jobs are displayed on our news feed all the time, and you wonder why you aren’t having the same amount of fun.

We compare ourselves to other people far too often, and more than that: we believe that what they are saying on social media is actually truth.

But this is not what is really happening, especially not all the time. The news is full of stories of people faking holidays abroad, relationships, and much more, just for the sake of having something to say on social media.

Plus, you should remind yourself that what you see there is just a small part of what is happening to them. Very few people are willing to share with a bunch of strangers their intimacy, secrets, and fears – let’s face it, your 500+ Facebook friends aren’t all your BFFs. But it’s common to see it differently.

Another thing that you should take into consideration here is that there isn’t such a thing as a bad or a good emotion. Just emotions.

Even if what you are feeling is hate, jealousy, fear, envy, or else, you are entitled to feel like this. You probably have a reason for it, and you should respect your pain. What makes it bad is how unbalanced it makes you feel and how you deal with it. Not the emotion itself.

If you want to live your life to the fullest, you will have to embrace everything that it has to offer you.

And the only way to do it is by willing to face unhappy situations, to deal with fear and pain. Meaning that you won’t be able to be happy all the time, because these feelings aren’t comfortable or enjoyable.

But this is also OK, and rest assured that everybody out there is going through very similar challenges every day. So enjoy your learning process and be ready to enjoy the moments of happiness that you will certainly find along the way.

You Should Not Be Happy Constantly To Live Life To The Fullest Originally Published On Creative Sol Vibrations

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Benedict Brychta is an MBA student from San Jose, CA. He is a big movie classics fan and he loves to share his opinion on different things happening in the spheres of film industry, self-improvement and lifestyle.