When we enter an election season, as we do in the United States this year, and the economy continues to languish as it has, each side will always promote what they are able to do to promote job creation for the citizens of the country. Putting the political philosophies, policy setting and rhetoric aside, my contention is that no office holder of any kind can really create the right job for you. Only you can do that for yourself. Whether you choose to work for yourself in your own business, or seek out employment with a company that has those opportunities that align with your skill sets and passions, the accountability for “creating” that job truly rests with you.

I realize that is a strong statement, particularly for those who may have been out of work for awhile. However, as I continue to work with clients in terms of career related issues, I believe it more strongly each day. Only you can determine what fields may interest you. Only you can determine if you have the proper education for what is being asked of candidates in those fields or if you need to enhance the credentials you have. Only you can evaluate and provide examples of how your skill sets can be applied to meet the needs of an organization which has a position or to create your own entrepreneurial business which addresses a need of potential customers.

Yes economic policies and the belief in them by consumers and hiring companies may indeed ultimately lower an unemployment rate and make more positions available. However, even in the best of economic times, those who truly enjoy their careers don’t just settle for a job. They investigate how they may move to the next level of competency in that position. If their interests don’t match with the beliefs of their current employer, they’ll research to learn what employers may want and look to align themselves with employers who share those beliefs and may offer them those opportunities. Usually in strong economic times, the last thing on an individual’s mind is allowing the policy of elected leaders to influence where they may find their next job. Those truly in charge of their career take ownership in creating the opportunity to find the job position that is right for them. That philosophy does not change for them whether the economic times are strong or not as strong.

What steps may one take to “create” the job which is right for them? Certainly taking assessment of where they have been in terms of the accomplishments of their life is one step. Assessing their values in terms of what characteristics must be present in a job or a work environment is another. Identifying satisfiers and those things that were not satisfying about past bosses and work environments is also helpful. However, it is more than assessments. It is staying current in their field of interest, learning what the trends are in terms of those industries and determining where their skills currently match up and where they need to be improved. It is talking with others in the field to learn about what may be happening in their industry or profession.

From there one “creating” a job for oneself is able to convey both in verbal and written form what they have accomplished and match it with what employers are seeking. Or if they determine there are not many employers who are able to provide them the type of opportunities they seek and they decide to strike out in their own business, they are able to convey how the skills and services they offer meet the needs to those customers they target. They’ll look to pitch what they offer, to those already in the industry, to those who could possibly hire them, to those who may be their potential customers. They’ll evaluate the reception they are receiving. They’ll be bold enough to ask which parts of what they are offering are connecting with their listener and in which areas those listening have concerns. They’ll then go back and determine how they can address those concerns. They’ll also be honest with themselves, that if they can’t answer all the concerns, that perhaps they need to refocus their “creation” efforts so that they become more attractive to those who will “pay for their services”.

Yes, these steps can be time consuming. At times they may seem overwhelming. They may also require working with professional help, such as a coach, resume’ writer or employment agency. However, waiting around for policy changes to take place to put you in a better position to find your next employment position is also time consuming. Often it is not productive, because you are putting your next job position being “created” in the hands of those who don’t know what you want. Elections, public policy and directions for an electorate are important. Staying interested in them is something I would always encourage. However, your career and its development is something which is not only important but whose accountability is in your hands. Step up and be the one who will “create” that next opportunity that is right for you.

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