You work so hard to create a life of abundance, so I want to ask you to consider very carefully, “Do you have what it takes to easily allow the abundance you desire to flow into your life?”

Most people only let in a mere pittance of the abundance that continues to knock at their door.

There may be nothing worse than the internal torture we can put ourselves through when we experience the inner tug-of-war of self-sabotage behavior! Whether it is procrastination, self-doubt, negative self talk, anxiety, shame, unhealthy habits, or some other self-destructive behaviors, we use these self-sabotage behaviors to BLOCK the abundance we so dearly desire and truly deserve!

So HOW do you open the door and let your abundance in?

Good question, I’m glad you asked.

Here’s the metaphysical answer: The door of abundance will easily open when you STOP pushing against it and holding it closed.

Here’s the practical and applicable answer: Abundance will flow freely into your life when you STOP paying attention to what you DON’T want and you put all of your energy, attention and focus on the positive things and experiences that you DO want.

There are many ways to keep your energy door open and allow abundance into your life.

Here is my Top Ten List.

1. Question Your Feelings of Self Doubt
One of the primary intentions behind self doubt is to help you keep your relationships with others safe and healthy. Unfortunately, the very self doubt that is trying to protect you is also holding you back.
Sometimes it is appropriate to care what others think of you and your actions however, it is not healthy to allow your self doubts to stop you from doing what you really want to do.
Whenever you feel self doubt, ask yourself, “In what ways will taking action on this desire enhance my life and the life of others?” If you come up with good, solid answers to this question you should move forward. If you cannot come up with any ways in which your actions will enhance your life and the lives of others, you should definitely not take the action.
Knowing that you are spending your time and energy doing things to enhance your life and the lives of others will help you to more easily accept abundance into your life.

2. Breathe
As simple as this advice may seem, it is a vitally important piece of advice. When you are stressed you are most likely spending too much time holding your breath. Holding your breath blocks your energy in many different ways and on many different levels.
To keep yourself open to receiving, keep your energy flowing by reminding yourself to BREATHE! (Did you just take a deep breath? Good!)

3. Concentrate Your Focus on What You DO Want
This too is advice that may seem "simple" however, most people put more energy into trying to move "away" from what they DON'T want (i.e., debt, a job they dislike, being overweight, conflict in a relationship, etc.).
When you spend your time and energy on trying to move "away" from what you DON'T want you are significantly delaying and impeding your efforts to move "toward" what you DO want (i.e., financial independence, a fulfilling career, a slim, trim and healthy body, a healthy and happy relationship, etc.).
You will more easily get much more of the abundance you DO want, much more quickly, by spending your time, energy and creativity focusing on moving "toward" what you DO want.

4. Clean Up the Inner Beliefs that Conflict with What You Do Want
Procrastination, self-doubt, anxiety, feelings of shame, unhealthy habits, and all other self-destructive behaviors are a sure sign that you have inner beliefs that tell you that you don't deserve to have the abundance you desire.
Watch for the feelings of an internal tug-of-war between wanting something and, at the same time, pushing it away. When you identify an inner tug-of-war pay close attention to what beliefs are driving and fueling this tug-of-war.
Once you identify the driving beliefs you can work to edit the beliefs into something healthier and more effective or simply banish the beliefs and replace them with healthier, more effective beliefs.

5. Accept Failure as a "Normal" Part of Your Life and Choose to Learn From It
Hold on to your hat because I have a cold, hard truth to share with you. You are not now, nor will you EVER be the one person on this earth who doesn't have to fail, and fail, and fail some more before you get to the good stuff. Even the people who seemingly got their success easily - didn't. I PROMISE.
Making it your mission to LEARN from EVERY challenge, problem and/or failure that passes through your life will keep you open to allowing abundance to flow into your life.

6. “Show Up” and Do Something Toward Your Success Every Day
Many years ago someone gave me the advice to "show up" and do something every day toward the manifestation of the success I desired. That turned out to be the BEST advice ever! When you commit yourself to doing a minimum of ONE thing EVERY single day many wonderful things happen.
Often when you "make" yourself do that one thing it will easily turn into doing several worthwhile things. After a while, it becomes a habit to do ONE thing EVERY day and you won't have to "make" yourself do the work.
Doing a little something every day reduces the pressure and anxiety of completing a mammoth sized project. And while I know that it is easy to wish for abundant success to happen right now, all at once, it is actually much easier to allow abundance and success to come into your life when it comes in at a steady and manageable pace.

7. Play the Hand You are Dealt
In Poker, as in life, you will never win every hand you are dealt. You will lose some, you will fold some and you will win some. The goal is to get better and better and better at winning. Because you cannot choose the hand you are dealt, it is vitally important that you make the choice to play each hand to the very best of your abilities.
When you go to bed at night knowing that you did your very best that day, you will sleep much more soundly --- and you will wake up more refreshed and energized for the coming new day.

8. Forgive (for YOU, not them!)
Many people resist doing forgiveness work because it feels as forgiveness means that you are condoning, disregarding or pardoning someone's bad behavior. I have a rather unique view of forgiveness that I would like to share with you.
I believe that forgiveness work is NEVER, EVER about condoning or excusing someone else’s bad behaviors! Forgiveness is about clearing out the negative crap, goop and garbage the offender left behind when they contaminated your space. I believe that forgiveness is literally for YOU.
So... do the forgiveness work for YOU! Do the work so that you can clear away their old crap that is blocking the flow of your energy. Exorcise the crap they dumped on you so you can get on with the enjoyment of your life!

9. CHOOSE What Kind of Person You Want to “BE”
Even if you don’t know what you want to do with your life and even if you don’t know your “purpose in life”, you still have the power to decide what kind of person you want to “BE”. You always have the power to decide if you want to walk through your day BEing a compassionate and caring person, BEing a loving and kind person, BEing a decisive and strong person, or whatever else you may want to “BE”.
In the same way that you would ask yourself “What do I want to accomplish today?” you can also ask yourself “What kind of person do I want to “BE” today?"
BEing the person you want to be every day and in all situations will make you feel proud of yourself and significantly increase your authentic sense of worthiness for allowing abundance into your life.

10. Express Gratitude
Expressing gratitude for what you have in the present moment is a wonderfully powerful way to open yourself up to receiving even more of the good stuff you do want to attract.
There are many personal stories of people whose lives were changed in positively miraculous ways as a result of their decision to consciously express gratitude for what they have in the present moment. Express your genuine gratitude and you may see positively miraculous things in your life as well!

As for me, I am truly grateful that YOU are here now, paying attention to my work! I am proud to BE the kind of person to share my gifts with you and I hope you find great value in this information!

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