As some of you know I have changed my work schedule and am now realizing how hectic life was. I now actually have time to read the magazines that come to me. I recently read an article about how we are so connected with our colleagues and family and friends through our cell phones that 80% of the population that have cell phones, look at them first thing in their waking hours and most sleep with them nearby.

One of the Self-Care Tips I want to share with you is Get Your Life Back. Wake up and spend time with yourself not your emails and texts.

Work out, Meditate have a cooked breakfast, organize your home a little every day, organize your day make a list the night before or in the morning of things you want to accomplish during the day or week. Things that you have put off, can be started and it is a great accomplishment to know you are and can be more organized with papers, articles, chores, bills, you name it, it's all in Taking Time for You.

In a short amount of time the clutter will dissipate and you will feel less stressed and will enjoy your surroundings more.

Start with 3 things on your list a day that you must do and depending on the day and your schedule you will be surprised how you will do them and more, and the emails will get done and the texts will get sent but You Must Matter First.

And most of all be grateful for what you have, not what you've lost. You will be surprised at the abundance that you do have in your life right now. And it is ok to ask for help that's what team work is about.... learning and creating margins so one person is not doing all the work.... its about sharing and caring.

This message could be about co-workers or our own families and just getting through the day.

Remember one can not pass peace to another unless they have peace within themselves.
Take a breath........... Ahhhhhhhhh

You look so much better when you are smiling :)
Thanks for reading and maybe you too can be more relaxed and organized... It truly is a great feeling.

Author's Bio: 

Michele Wein-Crelly

It all started with a manicurist license from the state of Florida in 1994, I transferred to Massachusetts in 1997. I worked for an Assisted living facility in Newton and Canton, & various salons, all the while training for the Certification in Reflexology.
Upon receiving the certification in 1999 from the International Institute of Reflexology based out of St. Petersburg, FL, and practicing the reflexology I continued to work with the eldery,and went to worked for a Day Spa and a few different types of salons and some corporations such as General Dynamics and Reebok, I really wanted to practice the reflexology because I saw how it helps so many people and I started to search for different avenues to introduce this wonderful modality to more people.
I choose to work with massage therapist and chiropractors.

I trained with a wonderful nurse/massage therapist Lori and she started to train me on some massage techniques that were conducive to helping people that came into the Chiropractor’s office. I liked the work with the massage, the results and went on to an accredited school, Lincoln Tech and received my massage license in 2006.

I since have taken seminars on Russian Medical Massage dealing with carpal tunnel and migraine headaches, advanced chair massage, and Active Isolated Stretching, the Mattes method.