If you currently do not have the number of clients that you desire in your business and you do not have networking as part of your marketing, this is a major miss. Especially if you are a coach, healer or creative entrepreneur.

Why is this? Because networking is the ultimate, immediate experience of human connection and human relationship. What is a service business truly? What is marketing truly? Human relationships! Yes, there are ways human relationships take place online via the Internet, there are ways human relationships take place one to many – say, via a teleclass or a speaking engagement – but when you really bring it down to the nuts and bolts, all business is, is human relationships.

You can think about it like this; you put your hands together in the form of prayer and that is networking – person to person, right next to each other, face to face. And then if you extend that to one to many as in a teleclass or speaking engagement, move your hands apart a little bit. Now you take that and extend that to the Internet to any type of online marketing – maybe email marketing – and you can move your hands further apart. Now you take that to other types of online marketing such as social media and you move your hands apart a little bit more. Then, take that into something like written marketing such as direct mail or articles in a magazine or writing a book and you can take your hands apart even more. So the energy is still there as you move your hands apart, but you can feel how the energy changes; there’s still an energy connection palm to palm, but it’s different.

Now, bring your hands back together, palm to palm; feel that power?

That’s networking.

Your EnergyRich Call to Action:

Let’s look at how to be effective with networking:

1. Address your limiting beliefs. Maybe you’re telling yourself ‘Nothing ever really comes from networking’ or you’re telling yourself ‘It takes a really long time to generate business from networking’ or ‘I can’t find any place to network where people will really want to hear what I have to offer because I don’t have a standard business.’

2. Make a list of all of the times you took action on anything in your life because someone else recommended it to you i.e. you saw a
certain movie, you changed your hairdresser, you bought a new type of vitamin … that’s the power of networking.

3. Clarify your EnergyRICH Message. Sum up the service you provide in 3-5 sentences.

4. Practice your EnergyRICH Message. Once you have those 3-5 sentences practice saying them. Be safe about this. Start with yourself and the mirror, then graduate to your dog, then a trusted friend or colleague … it will feel so much more natural when you take it out into the world. Want a trusted community to support you? Apply for a 1:1 Next Step Activation Call and we will find the EnergyRICH Business Training Program that is the best fit for you

5. Be Open. Networking is everywhere, and every moment is a
networking moment. Yup, you can go to formal networking events (and I recommend that you do), but be willing to talk about your service at parties, at the hairdressers … remember the list you made in #2? That’s networking!

Bonus Note About #5:

If you are out among the living, if you are connecting with people, then you are networking. Networking isn’t just about formal networking gatherings – although that’s important too – but it’s about being in human contact, exchange and relationship. Every single opportunity that you have to smile at another human being, to exchange a couple of words, is an opportunity for networking. Now do I mean that everywhere you go you’re going to start shoving your business card in the hands of every stranger you connect with? No, that’s not what I mean. Are you going to start dumping your EnergyRICH message on the pizza delivery boy or girl?? Noooo, that’s not what I mean.

But what I mean is our lives are our ministry, our lives are our network. How you be out in the world every single day is the energy that you activate in terms of your attraction. Every single person is an opportunity, every single person you meet has the potential to be a doorway to the next great opportunity. Now, again, we’re not shoving our business cards down the shirt of every stranger we meet; we’re not dumping our EnergyRICH message on everyone we have a conversation or exchange with, but you want to be open to understand that you are the primary representative of your business and when an opportunity does rightly show itself, you’re willing to open your mouth to share what it is that you do. And when the opportunity presents itself, you invite someone to have a conversation with you!

And that is how you create success and business miracles with networking.

Author's Bio: 

Heather Dominick is the creator of energyrichcoach.com, a business training company teaching highly sensitive self-employed coaches and entrepreneurs to be purposeful, profitable and empowered so you can make a Considerably Huge difference in the world and live a life that is EnergyRICH.

Through her EnergyRICH online coaching programs, 3-tiered Business Training Programs and in-person Training Retreats Heather teaches her students how to embrace their natural highly sensitive abilities as business building assets, rather than hindrances, so you can transcend lower level energies like fear, worry and overwhelm and build your business from a place of clarity, confidence and gracious strength. Fill out an application here for a private Next Steps Activation Call to get clear about your best next business steps.